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Which would you prefer: A world overrun with Zombies or Vampires?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 15th, 2007

I'm actually engaged in a philosophical conversation on this topic with a team of experts (web designers). Struggling with my position on this important matter.

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Depends on your preferred popular representation of the genre....although you NEVER see positive portrayals of zombies (flesh eaters, yuck!). Vampires, however, are often represented as sexy, dangerous predators with potentially redeeming qualities (take a look at the current fantasy romance section). Certainly, I've never seen Goth wanna be zombies.

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Whichever are less likely to eat me. Given an equal likelihood, whichever would be less populous or easier to kill.
(If one looks at fiction for reference, the answer is leaning toward vampires.)

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Vampires for sure. Much more interesting personalities, and the preferable choice in terms of becoming one yourself v. having your brains eaten. Well, unless you are a self-styled Duke Nukem with a sweet weapon, unlimited ammo and an invincibility cheat enabled. Since that's unlikely, I'd say vampires.

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Wow, good question! Well let's think about this, if it were Vampires we would all, most likely, become immortal, right? Which might be kinda cool, however, still a little scary - think of the world population as a bunch of immortals that can only be killed by stakes through their hearts, Wow, that'd be nuts.

Zombies - now this would be pretty sweet (I mean if you weren't a zombie, that is). See Zombies would at least be an adrenaline filled hunt for as long as they stayed alive without completely decomposing. Now, this case would cause the world population to basically be wiped out except for the people who are not bitten by these flesh-eaters - thus, causing a rebuild of the world, which might not be all that bad of a thing.

Hmm, each has their interesting advantages - but since I'm a zombie nut - I'm gonna say that I would prefer zombies! I definitely don't want a million immortal George W. Bushs, or Al Qaeda after me as vampires. That being said, if zombies outbreak, everyone haul-up in a Fleet Farm (it's definitely the best place to be if this occurs)!

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Vampires seem smarter and far more passionate than zombies. I vote vampire. As long as you could come up with alternate blood source for them, we'd be okay. Besides, I often feel like we're being overrrun by zombies anyway.

One thing we would need to consider would be the dramatic shift in how we live our lives. If vampires ran the show, the ay would flip entirely.

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er...that would be "day would flip entirely."

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hmm... Vampires would be far more easy to eliminate seeing as they are week against sunlight, garlic, and the good ol' stake to the heart. But they do bite your neck and suck your blood. They also are capable of turning into bats and for the most part are immortal.

Zombies on the other hand are living dead flesh eating freaks. The opposite of the clean shaven vampire, complete with a nice suit and hair slicked back with a repulsive amount of gel. Zombies are unable to talk and are very stupid, there only way of communication is moaning.
I agree with travis, in the long run its either being hunted down by a stealthy blood sucker or get over takin by a mob of zombies. I would definatly rather go down fending off a mob of zombies with a shovel.

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I'm thinking zombies, just because I'd have more to defend myself with. Basball knife...little sister.... None of those work agianst vampires.

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Definitely vampires. If I do fall victim, I would prefer some degree of conscious control, even if it is evil. Let us keep in mind, though, it would be a very SEXY evil. (I am assuming becoming undead would make me suave and skinny, I've never seen an overweight vampire with a beard, thus I assume I would be magically transformed)

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haha hoss. I would assume fat vamps dont exist, merely because they only feed when the need it.

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and if I hadnt accidentally pressed enter the answer would continue...

And let's face it, blood doesn't have much fat in it anyway.

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Perchik, actually, "baseball bat," "kitchen knife," and "little sister" are an EXCELLENT defense against vampires: 1) When surrounded by attacking vampires, use baseball bat to club little sister unconscious; 2) Use kitchen knife to nick little sister's arm or leg to "chum the waters;" 3) Throw little sister into group? coven? vamp? cluster? of vampires; 4) Rapidly escape while 'sis is becoming Undead.

Pragmatically yours (and cookin' with lots of garlic),


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Hmm feeding a group of vampires a small human only leaves them hungrier for more ;-p

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You haven't met my sister. They'd be lucky to escape "undead."

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vampires don't eat humans and the dead are not appealing. Plus vampires are picky zombies are not. I would feel safer around vampires, you have all day safe and need only worry upon night fall.

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Easy, vampires.

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Zombies. They're mindless. With planning and effort, we could control/exterminate them (see Shaun Of The Dead). Vampires are sentient, much harder to kill, and are actually EVIL as opposed to Zombies, that are just feeding.

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I have a hard time deciding. If the zombies were "Return of the Living Dead" type zombies rather than, like, 28 Days Later zombies, they move really, really slow, so you have lots of time to get away. And you probably could "tame" them as GD says. However, they're totally grody & brain eaters. Vampires, on the other hand, are more evil and much more sentient, plus they're sexy. I think I'd vote for vampires, just because of the sexy. Cuz that's how I roll.

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Vampires! So much more sexier.

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But what if it turned out to be an unsexy vampire? Say, a Jack Nicholson or Rosie O'Connor vampire. Hey, wait a minute, that kinda' makes sense. . . But I digress. OK, let's refine the question. What is your choice between a really hot zombie and a very unsexy and incredibly annoying vampire? Because then, you've got to consider at least with the zombie, you don't have to spend eternity in thrall to ugliness. And does it matter that having your throat fanged is possibly less painful than having your brains eaten? (Then again, once they're in the skull, I don't think the brain itself has any pain sensation) Man, the choices this site offers.

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Who is Rosie O'Conner - don't worry i will google it. I would still much prefer to have unsexy vampires to smelly zombies. At least you can live a realitively 'normal' life in the day. It's only at night when you need to worry.

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Oops. Brain freeze. Rosie O'Donnell. And you're right, even if zombies themselves were not stinky, I would imagine crusted gore and brains starts to smell after a while. OK, what if your vampire master for eternity was Screech from "Saved by the Bell?"

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Let's be clear here...Screech from "Saved by the Bell", Screech from Porn, or Screech from Celebrity Fit Club?

All three versions pose a different scenario in terms of deciding whom I would vote to be my one true Vampire Master for all eternity.

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As I don't know (praise God from whom all blessing flow) Screech from Porn or Screech from Celebrity Fight Club, I will have to stick with Screech, the character from Saved by the Bell.

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Yes, you should be very thankful. lol

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Screech did porn -

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I just want to be clear that I was not aware of Screech and his pornographic career until he lost his house at some point last year and had all these web related schemes to "save" it. Was about the same time when his porn tape got the exposure it did (pardon the pun).

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Hmm. Not sure why I felt it necessary to defend my knowledge of Screech porn. lol

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We understand, alabare. We all have our dark closets. Just don't run for President.

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President. Heh. Think I blew that chance out of the water long before I was old enough to vote.

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LOL, alabare. I think we’d all feel the need to explain away our knowledge of Screech porn. Nobody would want to admit to seeing that. Blurgh.

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Surely the question should be: Vampires or Zombies – Which one is the world already overrun with?

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This very much might depend on if you were planning to become one – instead of fight them off. I would rather become a vampire than a zombie just because I prefer large orgies over drunken frat parties. If I had to try and fight them off – Zombie hordes would, at first glance, seem easier – but it might get a bit repetitive after your first week of running them down with a steam-roller. I would rate the intellectual stimulation of vampires more life rewarding – even if zombie movies are better

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What type of zombies? Are we talking the slow moving you can trip them zombies or the They can jump a fence with no effort and chase you down zombie? I would pick zombies if they were slow but vampires are week against garlic and sunlight so it is tough. I still think zombies.

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ZOMBIES! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Vampires are way too trendy these days. They also aren’t really the type to come out into the open and run things, they prefer to lurk, but zombies know no shame. Also I don’t think I could handle all the sparkling (Twilight reference).

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Vampires hands down… I don’t wanna be a zombie.

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Vampires, FER SHER! Especially if they are ANYTHING like in the movies… otherwise…. i guess I wish I were just dead.

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Vampires!!! I wish I was one and they are hot and sexy. =) Zombies are just scary!

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yea but you guys have been assuming you will turn into a vampire what if you just die and not turn into one still i would vote for vampire cause i really really dont wanna be a zombie lol there mindless and stupid. (like my dog)

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Vampires, because everyday would be like TWILIGHT… no i think i would rather kill myself than live in a word that is anywhere close to what Twilight is like. SUCK ON THAT SHIZ EDWARD CULLEN!

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Vampires SUCK. They are repelled by garlic, can’t touch sunlight, are harmed by any holy object, ARE RESTRICTED FROM CROSSING OVER MOVING WATER, and many other weaknesses. A zombie on the other hand, has no weaknesses other than having their head blown off, (and if you run into an ALREADY headless zombie, you’re screwed!.) If we’re talking Resident Evil 4 zombies, then they become ridiculously powerful; Able to transmit the disease through spores, virtually immune to head-blowy-offy-ness, intelligent, cooperative, dextrous, and worst of all: chainsaw/bazooka wielding! If you want to survive, choose vampires; but if you are like me, choose teh zombez.

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@Bymistakewelearn sunlight cannot be touched.

…but it can touch..

ain’t that sumthin’ to chew on

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Neither or both! If it were both of them the vamps and zombies could wipe each other out! That would be something to see! From a safe distance of course! But if I can only choose one then it would be the vampire! Not that I want to be a vamp, but how do zombies kill? A group of them fall on you and you are eaten to death. OK. So basically what I want is to die from one bite instead of a whole bunch!

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give me a shotgun loaded with incindiary rounds and I’ll stick with vamps. at least when I get bitten I can still live (technicly speaking).

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