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Does anyone know where I might be able to take adult (don't laugh) aqua aerobics classes in Los Angeles?

Asked by ava (977points) November 13th, 2006
I am fat and would like to work out, but I have a bad back.
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Have you tried your local YM/WCA or park district? Often they will have programs at a reasonable price.
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Good idea! I will look into that and get back to you!
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The local JCC might also be a good place to try
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Adult as in the chronological makeup of the class, or "adult" as in the lack of bathing suit or supplementary activities?
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Our local university offers adult aqua classes. Many YMCA/ YWCA classes are out there and community recreational centers (usually small membership fees apply) often have aquatic aerobics. Hospitals, too, sponsor wellness classes ...

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