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What's the best brand for frangible ammo?

Asked by Spargett (5356points) October 16th, 2008

I’m looking to purchase some frangible ammunition to replace my .40 Federal Hyrda-Shoks for home defense. Can anyone recommend the best brand for this time of ammo. Cost isn’t an issue. Reliability is.

P.S. I’ve heard some issues with semi-auto load failures. I’ll be using a semi-auto handgun, not a revolver.

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I haven’t paid much attention at all to frangible ammo. Is it suitable for self-defense? Will it reliably penetrate heavy clothing?

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Hopefully someone with a real starched shirt doesn’t break in. I keep the regular hollow tips by the bed. They are tried and true where as frangible ammunition is a fairly new technology. Outside of a hospital, I have a very hard time relying on cunning edge technology to keep me alive.

You probably know this being a gun owner, but you should buy an excess of these type of bullets and shoot them to make sure they will be reliable when it counts (no matter what suggestions you get here). Just like all home defense ammo, I would suggest shooting all your old ammo every six months (or at least every year). Old ammunition is more likely to have a problem.

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< < so wants to see what Sooperburd‘s suggestion might be.

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@Spargett; Where, exactly, do you live?

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I live in a flat in CA with people all around me. Frangibles have been proven effective to stop intruders while cutting the risks of collateral injury to almost zero. I’m not going to be John Wayne about it when it comes to innocent people’s safety. I’ve done extensive due diligence about this before making my decision.

I’m not referring to this thread, but the general commentary I’m hearing everywhere. I’m tired of the waves of popular and unfounded belief to mock a progressive round they’re not use to, nor do they understand. People clearly placing their ego’s in front of other’s safety.

Moving on: I was hoping there was someone who actually had experience with this round that could provide useful feedback.

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You’re calling a spade a spade Spargett.

I’m guilty of being non-progressive old schooler. I’m not offended because really even though you weren’t targeting me, you hit my nail on the head. Depending on the type of walls you have and the trajectory of the bullet, however unlikely, there is the possibility of taking a life in an unintended fashion. I respect your decision to try to eliminate stray bullets.

I think it is very kinda to your neighbors if you live in a flat to load this type of ammunition and if you actually do buy an use some, I would love to hear about your experience with it. I might be too set in my ways to change but I’m not too set in my ways to hear alternatives.

I’m sorry if you took any offense to my flippant remarks.

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When I consider all of the articles and test results I’ve read over the years, I long ago concluded that the Glaser “Safety Round” is the best performer from the standpoint of safety and effectiveness. Until just recently, I carried a Walther PPK/s in .380 ACP, and loaded it with Glaser Silver. They make their ammo in “silver” (a silver-colored plastic sealing ball in the nose of the bullet) which has more penetration, and in “blue,” which has less. The H & K USP (in .40 S & W) which is my house gun is loaded w/Glaser Blue, which has little or no chance of penetrating a double interior wall. Neither will ricochet, and neither will pass through an assailant and endanger anyone else. I just bought a Sig 239 SAS (.40 S & W) as my new carry gun, and will load it w/Glaser Silvers in that caliber. The Glaser contains a large number of pieces of tiny lead shot in the nose, which is scored to allow it to disintegrate upon contact. It creates a “cone shaped” wound category and will not create an exit wound.

Recently I’ve become aware of a product called RBCD Performance ammunition; some people I’ve talked to that tried it were very impressed with it. It has most unusual ballistics; for example, in .40 S & W, their standard bullet is 77 grain, achieves a velocity of 2100fps and a punch of 754 ft/lbs., and is billed as “TFSP,” or “total fragmenting soft point. The “performance plus” version is 70 gr., 2320 fps, and 790 ft./lbs. Compare this with the typical .40 cartridges, with 155 grain bullets traveling at around 1000 fps. I believe that the bullets are “sintered” lead, but I plan to e-mail or call the manufacturer to get more pertinent information. RBCD can be reached by phone at 1–877-688–5985, and on the internet at

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There is a new ammo out called DRT from DRT Technologies. Its nickname is
Dead Right There.

It is a packed power core that dispels all energy into it organic target (Human Body), while the exterior disintegrates upon impact with a hard object. You can buy it from “” as well as other ammo stores. Buy it soon, as internet sales to California go away real soon. Glaser is just to much shot ammo, and has a failure to penetrate layers of clothing. DRT will penetrate clothing but not walls, and will put all of its stopping power on you offender. Of course you should read up on anything written here. Here is to hoping you never have to use it…

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Winchester Lawman makes some good frangible ammo. AND YES, it is good for self defense. This ammo releases all it’s power on impact I have shot a steal saw blade with this and it poked a hole in the blade. Although it turns to powder on contact with a hard surface, it packs a heck of a punch. I would much rather use this inside my home that regular hollow-point ammo. When hitting a soft target such as flesh, the round breaks up into metal powder which in turn travels in various directions hitting veins and arteries. I have also hunted hogs with this ammo, it is a one shot stop.

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There are lots of product such as Hornady Superformance 300 WIN MAG and Aguila ammunition, I know above guns and ammo product that more powerful product.

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