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Anyone have the noisy fan problem on the first generation Macbook Pro?

Asked by forestGeek (9297points) October 16th, 2008

The fan on my Macbook Pro made a slight noise for the first year, but wasn’t really a big deal. Of course it started get noisier after the warranty expired. I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem and got it fixed/solved the issue, and if so, what it involved and how much it cost.

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I have a Rev A MacBook Pro, and the fans do get pretty noisy. I usually take the battery out when I have it plugged in. It has more ventilation that way.

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Yes. I had it. But now it seems to have gone away. Basically it’s due to what it’s supposed to be due to: HEAT. And lots of it. Macbooks (Pros and the like) do alot of math, so they will get really hot. I have actually had my Macbook Pro shut down on me when gaming because it got so hot and I had it on a surface that wasn’t conducive to cooling.

If you have Applecare (which you apparently you do not since you mention the Warranty expiring…and BTW, my advice to anyone with a Mac is that they just buy the Applecare protection plan because it’s always worth it!) take it in and they will fix that for you. I actually had to have the mainboard replaced in mine because the FireWire port stopped working, which BTW they said was probably due to overheating because of faulty fans!

You may be eligible for this:


and read this:


Just a quick followup on the Applecare plans. Yes, it’s like almost $300. But, just on mine alone which I purchased in 2006 I have:

-Replaced 2 AC adapters: $158
-Replaced the Mainboard: $600
-Replaced Screen (15” Had too many dead pixels…they actually replaced the entire top assembly, so bye-bye dents and scratches!): $550 (screen); $250 (top case)

That’s a total of $1558!!! Thus proving that a less-than-$300 addition to my purchase was well worth the cost! And just for the record, I only paid about $1500 for the thing when purchased with the Applcare plan attached.


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+1 for AppleCare.

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I will definitely buy the AppleCare next time. I’ve owned 7 Mac and this is the first lemon, though it isn’t really that bad of a machine. As a rule, I never really buy a 1st generation computer, not sure why I did this time.

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