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What does nothing look like?

Asked by xgunther (446points) August 15th, 2007

Is it black?

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that would make it something.

nothing has no shape size or color. Assigning a color makes it something.

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Also to say that nothing would have a color would mean that it reacts with light which is something. Nothing can never affect something.

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I dont think there is a "nothing"

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Where no light can reach? In outer space?

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The act of labeling it "nothing" turns it into something. Nothing can neither be described nor identified. So says Heisenberg.

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What about the cosmological concept of a finite and bounded universe? What's outside of it? Or is that a meaningless question?Just thinking about The Big Bang gives me a headache. And if we shrink things down, what about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in quantum mechanics...speaking of headaches.

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If you want to observe nothing, just go to my son's school and watch what he does all day. Because that's what he tells me he does when I ask him what he did.

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Does he attend a public school?

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Of course.

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Perhaps, Poser, his time would better be spent, as you call it, "banging some tail."

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Nothing does not emit photons, and thus would look the same as blackness.

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Parmenides says that “nothing”, or the void, does not exist. That is, even if “what is” has limits, “what is” cannot move because that would require that it moves into the void. The void, being nothing, cannot be moved into.

Democritus was the first we know to record atomism in more detail. He believed everything is composed of an infinite number of these “somethings.” They are in constant motion and have an infinite possibility of shapes and such. “What is not” is simply whatever is not an atom. “What is” is simply whatever is an atom. Therefore, the void is a space into which “what is” can move into. Parmenides would have disliked this, of course.

Either way, it wouldn’t look like anything.

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has anyone kissed a cats anus?

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if you could just make a sphere with a mirror on the inside you could see nothing
by the way im 15 and in figured that out retards

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Nothing is a misnomer. You can’t see, hear, touch, taste, or even truly understand it. There is only one place where there is Nothing. Outside of the universe. Everywhere else is either filled with matter or energy. Nothing looks like Nothing. That may be confusing but it is the only way to describe it. Actually calling it Nothing makes it Something so what we have here is a good ol unsolvable paradox. Stop thinking about it before you go insane.

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