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Does this take anything away from McCain's campaign?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) October 16th, 2008
Will this help or hurt McCain’s campaign? Is it old news? Is it even true?

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McCain is being slammed by the party of conservative commentators for running a dismal campaign; refusing to focus on issues; selection of Sarah, total rejection of core conservative economic/social principles.

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I’m not a McCain supporter in the least, and I don’t believe this. I can’t see how that would help or hurt his campaign.

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I have to think about this. I don’t see what the purpose for this coming up now would be. I wonder if this gentleman said anything when McCain’s book came out.

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I really am of the opinion that this detention was irrelevant.

Apparently, John McCain is, also, since he barely even brought it up during his campaign. It doesn’t prove that he has any particular skill that would help him in the Oval office.

And to denigrate someone’s POW experience because they were only detained for years, not tortured, is sort of heartless and opportunistic.

Even so…

Obama ‘08!

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At first he brought it up if you sneezed.

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@Bri_L I remember hearing about it months ago, but it hasn’t really been brought up since then. It WAS his equivalent to Giuliani’s 9/11 compulsion, but he must have toned it down after it got no response. Or it might genuinely be too difficult for him to discuss. Either way, I’m glad it’s out of the spotlight.

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@Tonedef – right you are my friend. I was feeling bad that I was hating it. And I agree, wether or not someone was tortured while the were held for years is crap.

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As an Obama supporter, I’m going to say it’s a non starter. If it even saw the light of day in the mainstream media, all McCain would have to say is, “it’s my word against the enemy North Vietnamese prison guard who tortured me…who are you going to believe?” That would shut ME up. My instinct though is this is kind of one of those sacred cows…it does more damage to whomever dares bring it up.

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Exactly, dale.

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I don’t believe a word of it. Nazi prison guards also claim they didn’t torture anyone. That doesn’t make it true.

The campaing made public 1500 pages of medical records, and there is physical evidence that he was tortured, ie his two broken arms, and countless other fractures, bruises, and all kinds of horrors. Anyone with two brain cells that knows anything about McCain or the Vietnam War will never fall for this kind of crap, and that’s coming from someone who’s voting for Obama.

I’m glad the mainstream media didn’t even bother to talk about this garbage.

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