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What is the best fix for a runny nose?

Asked by judyprays (1304points) October 16th, 2008
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I wad up a little piece of tissue and shove it up my nose and let it sit and absorb. Usually by the time I take it out, it’s sucked up most of the crap and I’m pretty clear for at least an hour or two afterward.

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Poof beat me to it – that’s also what I do. :D

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Hah, poof and DD beat me to it! Thats what I do, sometimes both nostrils. Its very attractive by the way.

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Poof, DD, and SoapChef beat me to it!!

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I take echinacea. It dries up excess mucal secretions and very quickly. (No one talks much about this aspect of the herb.)

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I take sudaphed. Not that “PE” crap. That does nothing. The old kind, that you have to go to the pharmacy counter for, and give them your driver’s license.

Because what could be more fun when you have a cold, than waiting in line at the pharmacy counter?

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If you have the time the steam from a hot bath helps to clear the congestion, not permanently though.

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Sudafed is king! Just don’t take it at night or you might be awake for hours..
Some folks are more sensitive to the pseudophedrine than others..

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ccrash, that is so true!

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I love that the doctor’s answer is time. Nyuk.
What? You don’t prescribe Charmin Ultra* for your patients to shove up their nostrils?

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