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Anyone here ever hit their head so hard that you felt your brain bump?

Asked by loser (15012points) October 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Seriously, I felt my brain slosh into the other side of by skull.

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I’ve done it once, when I hit my head directly in the center of my temple. I could have sworn, like you, that I could feel my brain hit the opposite side of my head.

That reminds me that I hit my head last night. I didn’t have the same thing happen, but I did punch the closest thing to me, which happened to be my bed, out of pure instinct. It hurt like a mother*@#*&#!

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No, but if you have, keep track of what’s happening to ensure that everything’s ok.

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Sounds like what too much Absinthe feels like!

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This is called a concussion. As jvgr said, make sure you keep track of yourself today.

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I was horseback riding and the cinch on my saddle broke while cantering uphill – I hit so hard, I wound up on my knees and had to wait for my brain to settle down before I could move without vomiting.

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yes….i fell backwards off a stool and hit the wall. not fun. be careful.

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Thanks all! DrasticDreamer: I hit right at my temple too. I’m really tired and keep trying to fall asleep. I think maybe I will read up on concussions now…

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Go to the hospital.

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3 hours later…loser, are you ok? Is anybody with you?

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5 hours now… I’m worried. Update us ASAP, loser! (I seriously hate calling you that. hahaha)

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Oh, sorry! I’m fine, just a little tender spot on the side of my head. My apologies for the worry!!!

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Whew! Thanks for the update!

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