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How can I keep my socks from falling down in my boots?

Asked by Les (9627points) October 16th, 2008

I have these awesome Sorel winter boots. The only problem is that when I walk to work (or anywhere else, for that matter), they pull my socks down and I end up with cold, bare ankles. Is there any way to prevent this?

I realize this is a goofy question, but sometimes it is the little aggravations in life that can ruin your day.

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Garters? :)

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How about wearing thick woolly pantyhose?

There’s no way that would fall down!

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@laureth and lightlyseared: Both excellent answers, as I am sure neither would fail me. But pantyhose and garters are not the most comfortable things in the world (especially under pants). ;-)

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the elastic has fallen or failed. get a better pair of socks.

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OK how about getting some longer knee length socks?

Or better quality socks with superior elastic grip.

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@charlie: They’re brand new Smart wool socks. I don’t think its the elastic.

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no offense, but do you need to build up your calves?

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Could you fold them over a few times from the top? Maybe a folding the top down a few inches and then folding that over again would provide enough tension to keep them up.

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@Stratman: Yes. That’s the answer. The hiking and biking and walking all over the Rocky Mountains has done absolutely nothing for me. Great answer. Sheesh.

I guess what the problem is is that the inside of the boots is not smooth. It is like this soft Thinsulate type of material. So it can grip onto whatever is on your foot and drag it down.
I like johnpowell’s response the best so far. But thanks, to all.

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I hate that! I get socks a few inches longer than the boot and fold the top of the sock over the top of the boot.

The only time that doesn’t work is if I’m wearing a skirt.

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@trudacia: Sweet! Someone who understands my plight.

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It happens to me all the time. Winters in NY…..

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i realize that my sock fall down only when my boots aren’t tight enough around my ankles. but when the boot is snug, my socks are fine.

maybe wearing thicker socks with the boots?

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@beccalynnx beat me to it.
If your feet are too loose in the boots, your socks will come down.

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Les, I SAID “no offense”, and you didn’t mention that you were an avid hiker. I was only trying to help.

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I usually go with Trudacia’s method. But if you need that extra length to keep warm, I’d go with sock garters. I know that Laureth already mentioned them, but just in case you were thinking about the kind of garters that clip to your socks, here are some sock garters to clarify. (There are more than just one type.) The ones that wrap on the outside of your socks (versus the ones that seemingly cut the circulation off from your calves) look much more comfortable. I’d imagine it’d be easy enough to make your own. (Some elastic and the button hole function on a sewing machine?) Might be fun to personalize them too?

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What about sewing elastic into the tops?

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Wow you are so rude and ungrateful to someone who was trying to help you!! You’re disgusting

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Geez – either many of those responding live in a warm climate and don’t experience this problem – or – (more likely given the level of immaturity and stupidity of many of the responses) simply trolls looking for just any opportunity to post-up their sophomoric comments.

There are “sock garters” available which fit at the top of the calf (athletically developed or not!) with snap clamps for the sock tops. Other than shopping for them online – many farm supply stores also carry something like this.

Alternatively – use a THICK rubber band two inches below the sock top (better if a long sock extending above the calf but will work also on a shorter sock albeit to a lesser degree) and then fold the remaining sock top over it. Obviously a rubber band isn’t going to work as well as something designed specifically for this purpose such as a Doesn’t work as well as a sock-garter but for shoveling snow or a brief walk using a rubber band should reduce if not eliminate the problem of socks drifting down to your ankles as you shovel or walk in a boot.

Hope this helps

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Rubber bands

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