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How long does your hair grow in a year?

Asked by CherryRed (50points) October 16th, 2008

I`m trying desprately to grow my hair as long as I can. It’s a little hard when I always have to cut off the split ends. BTW, any tips on growing my hair faster?


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Prenatal vitamins will help your hair grow a bit faster. But don’t take a whole bottle thinking that 100 pills in a day will make your hair grow any faster than taking one.

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I haven’t cut my hair in nearly two months and it has grown about 3/4 of an inch. I can tell because I dye my hair, and I have really heinous roots now. Ugh. So if it keeps going at this rate, in 12 months that’s… uh…hold on a sec.

9. 9 inches. wow. I can do math.
I think if you’re trying to grow it out, you probably don’t have to cut it quite as often, but as you say, you do have to keep it looking nice. When you do get it cut, don’t get much taken off. It is a really slow process. I have been there many times. Also, if you heat style your hair, maybe cut back a little. All that hair product and heat only makes the split ends worse.

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I was bald once due to chemo, so I got to watch the process from ground zero, so to speak. It took a good two years to get rid of the layers and have the hair all one length. By then it only grazed my collar.

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It depends what type of hair you have. I think its different for everyone. And you have a point where your hair stops growing. mine’s down to the middle of my back, and it won’t grow anymore. It took me like 2 years to grow it that long, though! someone told me getting ur hair trimmed every few months helps it grow, but I don’t know.

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Wow, Les’s hair grows lightyears faster than mine! I was growing my hair out for locks of love, and I had about 8 inches, but the minimum donation is 10, and I ended up waiting about a year a half. I got maybe 3 trims during that time.

So that would be, 1 and 1/3 inch per year, so Les’s hair grows three times as fast as mine, how sad for me.

eri, it sounds like my issue was the same as yours—maybe the weight stresses the hair follicles? Mine is super-thick and very heavy.

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yeah, mine is super thick and heavy too!

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An English professor professor of mine once told me that the average person’s hair grows 1/64 of an inch per day. So in a year, it’d grow 5.703 inches per year. However, I know that mine grows much faster than this rate. So my best guess is, who knows?

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How long does your hair grow a year usually

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I want to know how long it grows a year .

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Isn’t someone suposed to answer me ? HELLO? IS ANYBODY THERE?

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Can anyone tell me the answer to that SIMPLE QUESTION?

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You can just get a shampoo that might help you not get split ends. I think so any way.

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Is there anyone that can help me answer that question?

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