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Are peanuts toxic?

Asked by joli (628points) August 15th, 2007

A diet proclaiming to be anti-cancer said to avoid all peanut products. I love peanut butter! It was a staple in my diet for years. I substitute with Almond butter and Tahini, but I miss the taste of peanuts.

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The peanut is pretty controversial, especially since so many people have allergies to it, but it also has some benefits. What you're thinking of are aflatoxins. Here's a pretty basic write-up on the pros and cons of peanuts:;=101

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I remember hearing of a certain fungus (??) or mold or something that peanuts can obtain, especially non-fresh ones. And it can cause health concerns.

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Peanuts are legumes; stick w. real nut butters like almond and cashew butter; both delicious, expensive and loaded w. oil, like peanuts. Pistachios good for yo,too.

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I've learned recently that peanut absorb all the toxins from the soil when they grow. Originally they were used for this purpose: leach toxins form the ground. Thus, in the south boiled peanuts became popular (an attempt to make them less toxic). So it's important to buy organic, but I've switched to almond butter.

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It’s not a great idea to substitute with almond butter; because of a scare a few years ago in which a few people died from eating contaminated almonds, it’s now required in the USA to pasteurize every almond that’s sold here. So I’ve done the opposite of you; I quit eating almond butter and am now eating peanut butter.

Actually, you can get around this by only buying Sicilian almonds; they’re not as hard to find as you might think. Please sign the petition to complain about this outrage:

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