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Will I pay for having left a pizza box unguarded and Milo nearby?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) October 16th, 2008

Luckily box was almost empty. I was alerted, as usual, by the odd noise. He ate all the scraps of broccoli, onion, cold cheese, garlic, crust crumbs and tomato, (and a few molecules of waxed paper) leaving only the olive slices. Should I worry?

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I would say that you should be fine if you have a can of air freshener around.
And hopefully he doesn’t try to give you a goodnight kiss, lol.

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I’m pretty sure my cats have eaten all of that and more, and there’s nothing wrong with them…. ha. Nah, I don’t think you should worry.

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Just so you know:
three nights ago I cooked a big (3 or 4 lb) pork loin, planning to freeze it
in smaller amounts. I left it on its roasting pan on the counter to cool and came into the computer room to fluther.
Later I went back to cut it up. Where’d it go? The pan was still on the counter. The floor was perfectly clean.
I have a really lovely red-gold dog, Foxy: part-Akita, very good manners, grown up, humorous, tuned-in.
Foxy indeed.
She had to have stood up, put her front paws on the counter, lifted that heavy piece of
meat in her mouth, and walked through the dog door with it, without letting it fall to the floor.
No breakfast or dinner the next day for Foxy, but she was smiling anyway.

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Jury will have to be out, GC. Milo is a big fella and healthy so he should be OK. I am hoping he did not get much garlic.

Best Friends network says: “Other foods that can be toxic to cats include spinach, onion, and members of the onion family such as scallion, leek, and garlic.”

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i assume by the time you’re reading this you’ll already know the answer!

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He seems fine; outside now attacking mythical creatures (and litter box has normal looking contents).
As I said, he ate mostly waxed paper and seemed primarily interested in the dried mozarella. Luckily I had been a little pig and finished the contents.

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Garlic could potentially be an issue, but I doubt he got a significant dose form pizza scraps. Monitor him for vomiting or inappetence (cats aren’t as prone to pancreatitis as dogs are, but it can happen). But in reality, the most that I would expect is possible diarrhea from the dietary indiscretion.

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