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Get over her or talk to her? im confused!

Asked by bizerkkid (3points) October 16th, 2008

so theres this girl and shes totally the hottest chick i’ve talked to. this year she started to sit next to me in class, everyday she would flirt with me and just play around with me, i started to play along too, i would comment her about how hott she looked and told her she was really cute etc. so one day i just broke out of the shell, i told her that i had a really big crush on her last year and that i think its coming back. she didnt believe me at first and thought i was messing with her. so i tell her im serious and that i really like her and would like to go out sometime. so we both agree on a day but its a week later because we have other things going on. so in that week we really get to know each other start having talks about sex and more sexual things. so everyday we would have these talks and we were both excited for the day we were going to go out. every night i would think of the things she told me that day and just think about her all day. she would be the only thing on my mind all day, work, gym, school, lunch, like all the time…so the day came and she asked me to pick her up. i go to her house meet her parents, her younger sister, her grandpa, all really nice people. and then we head out, she asks me if i’ve been as excited and jumpy as she has been, she tells me shes been thinking about this since last week. and i totally feel the exact same way. so we go eat at a restaurant, and then we go watch a movie, during the movie she starts to get all cuddly and stuff, then she starts ti rub my thigh and does this tickily thing which makes me laugh every time. i tell her to stop as other people are looking at us but she wont, so i start to mess around with her touching her and stuff, she enjoys and grabs my penis all of a sudden, so we’re both really aroused and right after the movie ends we rush to my car, we have sex in the back seat, not that comfortable but it was great, it was the best sex i’ve ever had, she was rally into it kept on saying my name and it was more than just making love we felt a connection. so after that i drop her off and i go home as well. that night i didnt sleep i couldnt stop thinking of what had just happened, i couldnt believe that it just happened. so she texts me telling me she could barely walk and how her hands are shaking. and what not. the next day we meet at class and she tells me she had the time of her life. and so everything is going good so far, so after a few days i ask her if she wants to go grab a coffee real quick and she tells me “we need to talk” so she tells me that we shouldnt see each other because she felt guilty, she felt guilty because she likes this other guy in a different state and she felt bad for what we did, we had this talk before, she told me about him when we were just friends but i also asked her if we were about to do anything would thinking of him or whatever hold you back? she said it depends on what we do, i told her everything, she says lets see what happens on the date. so now shes telling me shes feels guilty and that we should be just friends again and that would be better for both of us. i was really hurt that day because i felt really connected to her that night and she told me she did too, she said that after the whole night our feelings for lust just turn into more than that while were doing it because you start to love your partner. so its been 3 weeks since shes told me this and after another week she texts me telling me shes really horny, im like what? and in my mind im willing to do anything to have sex again, so i was actually busy that day so i told her we would make plans for some other day, and she doesnt reply. now i see her talking to this Asian guy and there flirting with each other and doing the same stuff we use to do. i dont think to the extent that we did but there flirting and talking and making me jealous and that asain dude ive known for a long time, longer than ive known the girl. so im having trouble deciding whether i should give up or just keep going at it because its killing me right now and everytime i see her i think of that night. i want to forget about it and just live life normally again but i cant, i cant stop thinking of her. she hasnt been talking to me lately, we say hi and bye but thats it, we dont really talk much. i want to be able to talk to her again like we normally could, i cant really explain the situation because its hard to explain, so i just want to ask, what should i do, how can i get over her, should i even get over her? talking isnt really helping but does anyone have any suggestions?

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Eep! Punctuation and paragraph breaks would be much appreciated!
Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. Move on, methinks.

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Great googly moogly, that was hard to read.

She’s a player. Forget her and move on.

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If she’s already moved on to flirting with some other guy, it just sounds like she used the guy in the other state as an excuse and like Les said, she’s a player. Get over it, there’s always more fish in the sea.

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You could have masturbated in the time it took you to write that.

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Johnpowell, you’re my hero for the day.

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Whoa….next time, just hit Return every once in a while.

She’s not worth the time that you’re putting into her.
Move on and find someone else that’s a little less needy, she probably just wants the attention and now she has found a way to get it from more people.

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From what I can tell you don’t even know her that well. Just move on. It was only like 3 weeks anyway. If you let this get to you, what are you gonna do if a serious relationship ends?

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Welcome to the collective, bizzerkkid. Thank you for providing the context for your question, but a little less detail and a few more paragraph breaks would be helpful.

The sad news is that this girl was just using you to scratch a sexual itch. She is not sincere. So what you do depends on what you want. If you can have sex with her without getting emotionally involved, use her back.

On the other hand, if you are likely to fall for her, stay as far away as possible. She will break your heart.

Good luck.

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so ya know that was the most awesome story ever and dude I totally feel for you. Like, what are you? 16? 17? I know you’re thinking like what does age have to do with it ‘cause I’m in love, but bear with me man. All will be revealed. The thing is, like, this chick, the one what’s so hot, and messin’ with you, you know she’s got problems, right? I mean, ask around, and like the girls will tell you. They always like to dish out the other chicks, especially the hot ones. But it’s all cool. I mean, you let your dick do the thinkin, and yeah, you’re probly a kid, so of course, what else can you do? [I must not hit the return key. I must not hit the return key] Anyways, that was really hot by the way when you were in the movie theater and talking about her putting her hand on your thigh and people looking over. It was like porn man. You should get a movie camera and take up an acting career. Or maybe writing, although if you do that like those other really really old people said, maybe you should use dome more punctuation and paragraph breaks. But hey, I’m getting used to this. It could be a new trend. And I’m thinking you know what is it with teenagers these days and how come you’re getting laid right and left and I never got any until I was like 20 or something. Ok, 20. I mean you always remember how old you were when you lose your virginity, but we’re not here to talk about me, are we? SO dude. My advice? Forget about the emotions. Just get as much sex as you can. Like those other people here who were saying you coulda jerked off in the time you wrote that (I mean that was low, man, lower than the pylons holding up the empire state building (like it’s in NYC, ok?)) but seriously, if you can write like that you don’t really need a chick. But go ahead. wrap your head around it. Make it real. Don’t end up like Palin on SNL, ok? Promise?

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daloon needs to masturbate too… Or maybe I need to.

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Hmmm. Let’s see if I have this straight. A girl at school is what, if you’re over 40 and went to parochial school, was known as a “prick tease.” Her goal is to get you hot and bothered, then dump you. Your head is on the wall like a trophy and she moves on, because she’s into how cute she is and the power trip of making you.

And WHY do you want her as a girlfriend? Because she’s a“hot chick?” Or because she’s easy? I’m reading “trophy girlfriend” here.

Do you actually like her, or is this only about sex? Because it’s sounding like johnpowell’s suggestion was correct, because that’s all that seems to be going on between the two of you.

Sounds like she’s an STD waiting to be contracted…

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I think this is the heart of the issue here:

it was the best sex i’ve ever had, she was rally into it kept on saying my name and it was more than just making love we felt a connection.

Go out and find another girl and have more sex, trust me there are much better locations than the back of a car to have the best sex you’ve ever had.

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Watch the restaurant scene in “When Harry Met Sally” and saying your name over and over again will mean less to you. :-)

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just wanted to say that if two interested parties were engaged in—shall we say—intimate activities over the phone, name-saying can be very, very hot! Not that I would know anything about that. But what I mean to say, is that I found the name-saying quite meaningful, if you know what I mean. Oh. Did I say I? I meant…... my….. friend. Yeah. That’s the ticket. My friend.

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I finally found an articulation of why I didn’t have sex in high school.

I’d say move on. Girls with out of state boyfriends are neverva good idea. The boyfriend is always older and has ridiculous facial hair.

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I’d also suggest to move on, she doesn’t sound worth it, ur time and stuff. yeah… playaa… cough cough

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Yeah, Daloon, but what if you knew that while she was saying your name over and over again on the phone, she was folding laundry? Women are better at multitasking.

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@prufrock: I absolutely guarantee you she wasn’t folding laundry.

I may be utterly blind when it comes to myself, but I am very good at understanding what is happening to other people, whether by text, voice, or in person.

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Go to her place and blast a love song out of a portable radio over your head. Or just move on. Decisions, decisions…

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When I recover from my migraine, I’ll try again to read that.^^

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Am I going blind from all the masturbation in this thread, or from trying to read it???? 0–0

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@scamp: have you tried magnetic glasses? ;-)

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Ugh she’s a slut. Get over her.

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Punk: Can we answer the question without referring to anyone as a slut?

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Is it NaNoWriMo again already? There’s a time and a place to “silence your internal editor”, but I guess if you made your word count it’s all good.

Honestly, if you’re for real get over her. Someone else is on that now.

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@cyndyh; Brevity is the soul of wit

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@gail: I don’t even wear briefs. :^>

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@cyndyh; thongs very much for “silence your internal editor.”

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@gail: commandos will “silence your internal editor”, too.

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wow this thread is EXTREMELY entertaining… XD (@bizzerkid entertaining not in rude way to you or anything, (also, move on) just peoples responses are highly amusing!)

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