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Can smoking weed make you go crazy?

Asked by xgunther (446points) August 15th, 2007

I heard from somebody that there is a new study from some ivy-league school that said of the subjects evaluated, 40% developed some kind of psychotic behavior (not during the high of course) even after smoking a few times. Is there any truth to this?

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Woops. Not ivy-league but definatly credible.,1299,DRMN_16_5647705,00.html

It probably has to do with what kind of weed you smoke. Regs (natural) or genetically altered (kush, etc..)

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absolutely not, p.s. define crazy:-) chemically grown weed could be a culprit though...

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Crazy as defined by the article

But, I agree, chemically grown is definatly more intense on the brain. Me no like. :)

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Wow... I've been out of the loop for a long time! Genetically altered weed? I don't even want to eat genetically altered tomatoes.

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It doesn't make 40% of people become psychotic. It does allegedly increase the chance of psychosis by 40%.

What this means: right now 5 out of every 1000 people become psychotic - so, out of 6 billion people, that would be 30 million people that are psychotic, worldwide. Marijuana use, according to what they write in the article, increases that number by 800 people per year. In other words, that number increases from 30,000,000 to 30,000,800.

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Genetically altered just means hybridized.. Its done to most plants today or even our home pets. Its called selective breeding. Just takes the good qualities from different strains and combines them into one. Then so on and so on and so on…

Ive smoked marijuana practically daily since 10th grade highschool (im 24 now). I recently finished a bachelors in computer science and am currently working on my graduate degree.

I recommend taking a week or two break every two or so months.

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smoking doesnt make you crazy.. thinking does. defining someone as being either crazy or sane is a perceptual concept, as well as ignorant. it is impossible for two people to think the exact same way about any subject so a norm or base reality doesnt exist. that being said how could you lose touch with an adaptive reality. reality is what YOU make it

one love

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Well… I was a previous pott smoker myself. And I had quite a bad tripp off it.. Just this past May run I smoked some with a few buddies and I tripped right the fuck out it was like I was trippin off acid or something… Its pretty much scared the shit out of me… And ever since than I have been consumed by these bad thoughts that I had when I tripped out… I honestly don’t know what to do because i’m a pretty sane person and talking to myself and telling myself there going to go away isn’t really working… I don’t know what to do…!?! If anyone knows what i’m talking about or might have had the same experience please give me some advice… Because I really don’y know whats going on and I would really like to stop being comsumed by these awful thoughts.

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I had a similar experience pinsandneedles. Every time i’ve smoked since my bad trip it comes back to me, so I’ve stopped smoking all together.

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Dude!! I tripped like 9 months ago. When I tripped I felt like I was on coke bcuz (not that I ever did coke but from what I heard) I felt soo fast and everything was moving so fast , but the scary thing was my heart was going super fast and I felt like I couldn’t breath. I was shaking really crazy. I couldn’t talk I felt like I was dying. So , after all that like two weeks later I took only one hit and I felt the same I did b4 , but it wasn’t as intense.
But the thing is , like 3 months after that I stopped smoking.
I was eating thanksgiving dinner , I just finished. I felt like a heat wave go str8 thru my body. I felt like I did when I smoked. And I haven’t even smoked , nor drinking. I was scared. Dr said it was hypertension/stress. But idk. So I stopped for like 8 months str8 smoking , but was always around smokers. And I found out it was mental. It WAS all in my head. I smoked and forgot what high felt , and I took it as I was tripping so it got even intense. I recently smoked , and I was f’d up. I felt weird , but I kept telling my self STOP thinking bad bcuz once u start thinking some thing is wrong It’ll Go Wrong.
So I smoked and felt like I was super drunk. But I didn’t trip. I was proud of myself. Lol.
But see , its all what you think.
You have to control it and not be nervouse or at all paranoid.
The way I did it is I smoke half a joint and took a huge shot of EnJ brandy , so mentally , I didn’t know the difference btween the liquor or weed.

=) . Hope this helps a little.

And weed doesn’t make you crazy it just breaks boundaries. If you think crazy , u will act crazy. If u think fine u will be fine. Point blank.

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Wow. i was feeling the exact same way @pinsandneedles123 .. I started smokin like last summer and i was fine.. i enjoyed it.., I felt normal.. didnt feel weird or anything..and it wasnt until a few months ago i started to feel weird and start to have extreme paranoid feelins, (kinda like everyone had alterer motives towards me) < crazy i kno. but i couldnt shake these thoughts.. i also would feel myself acting funny and not bein able to exlpain myself.. which is very weird cuz im always kno for the one with “the opinion”.. idk wat was wrong wit me.. so i just gave it up together.. and stuck to drinkin.. whick never fails

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I had the same experience last night.. I smoked with my boyfriend and it felt very strange. I couldn’t express myself the way I usually do, I was up and down with emotions, felt anxious and even questioned if my boyfriend was being honest with me about silly things.

I believe that unreasonable, racing thoughts are what make people feel like they may be crazy, but usually I can control and can move through those thoughts. I think that weed may do something chemically thats makes it harder to decipher between reality and worried thoughts that have no truth to them.

It’s interesting, sometime weed is great and helps me to see things clearly and hone in to the truth. While other times it makes me foggy and nervous. I think it has a lot to do with your physiology at the time you smoked.. interesting stuff.

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i started smoking weed when i was 13 years old which was only like 3 years ago and now ive got an additction worker because of weed and she told me that im developing a mental health problem which ovbiii isnt good. i dont think i am going crazy i think weed just does something to your brain that makes you paranoid about things that dont really matter and thats why people who dont smoke it think your going crazy bacause they dont undersatnd why your felling worried and paraniod about things. im starting to stop smoking it now because of the paranioia before i do go crazy. xxxx

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this is weird. ive been smoking 5 years straight , i can kill bowl after bowl after bowl to the face. in my town im one of the biggest potheads until recently. i took only two hits off my first evening bowl with my friends &went insane. i thought if i wasnt dead i’d be put in a mental hospital. i took a drug test to see if it was laced &it wasnt. i didnt hallucinate or hear voices but my perspective and life nd people as i knew it i thought werent gunna be normal &evrything had a new evil outlook. its hard to describe cause it wasnt normal but i felt like i shook hands with death and i really felt like it was God telling me this is my last chance. im not a paranoid person nor do i have history or family history of insanity or anything like that. @dopestdope that alterier motive unexplanatory thing pretty much sums up how i felt ! i couldnt even remember what i did prior to cmoing to my friends house when they asked me.
i kept crying & throwing up too AND yet the weed was not laced.

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Smoking seems like a mind game to me. Im an observer, and just dont act or say how i feel. Has anyone else experienced this? Truly, i believe there is more to smoking than just “smoking” or even more to “getting high” period. Its hard to explain, i think there is a science behind it. or patterns, or something. its just not normal. maybe thats just my trip, maybe not. It wouldnt hurt to find out. Id like to know some of your guys stories. Follow up. im great at proving points. try me….

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I know weed made my brother end up in a mental hospital, twice and it wasn’t laced either, and he def is having a hard time right now, and I think he may never be the brother I used to know ever again, its heart breaking, I think it depends on your chemical make up too, I think some people have really bad reactions to the point of a break down, where others maybe not as much, but from reading all these comments sounds like alot of people have had bad reactions to it at one time or another maybe its best to stay away

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The crazy trips people are having are most likely not caused by a “chemical” in the cannabis but instead the fact that these people almost definately smoke infrequently. Its the same thing with alcohol, if you don’t do it often, you’re going to have a harder time staying functional during it. Anyone can remember the first time they got hammered and were completely out of their own control after a while. A lot of people only smoke maybe once a month or even less frequently, and I guarantee if you started to smoke a bit more frequently ( which im not recommending really, its up to you) you would come to see that weed doesn’t really do much to alter your mind in psychadelic ways, and is more just a way to relax. It shouldn’t even be in the same category as any other illegal drug. Public misinformation abiut cannabis is at a critical level in North America today due to marijuana prohibition. So I urge people to become educated on the subject and take notice of the source( because there are many organziations that still have a lot to gain by prolonging prohibiton). Education is our number 1 weapon against tyranny!!

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Yes, it certainly did provoke a strange episode with me at one point. I wouldn’t call it being crazy… just a sense of deep alienation.

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