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If the Earth was a giant sandwich what kind would it be?

Asked by AstroChuck (37468points) October 17th, 2008 from iPhone

And what roll in the sandwich would we play? The pickles? What kind of bread are we talking? Would it be served hot or cold?

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I’m pretty sure the bread would be an Everything bagel… the sandwich seems to be getting hotter as the day progresses, and I’m pretty sure we would be the ants.

Edit/Note: We’re the ants because the ants are what ruin the great sandwich. In case you missed my point.

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Sub with everything, all the way.

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It’d be a meatball sub. Hot, molten and runny in the center, with an ever-shifting crust on the outside. Too bad it’s covered with nuts…

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Skippy peanut butter and Fluff – on fresh, white bread – a Fluffernutter!

Our role in the sandwich? To savor every bite!

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Who cares about what’s inside, we live on the crust

Dutch Crunch all the way!!!!

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Inner core which is solid would be some kind of bone that the chef didn’t remove.
Outer core which is liquid would be something like gravy.
The lower mantle which is the thicker and hotter part of the mantle would be maybe a meatloaf slice (pretty thick).
The upper mantle is thinner than the lower mantle, we’ll put some slices roast beef here.
Oceanic crust which is brittle and dense so let’s have some peanut brittle now.
Continental crust which is less dense than oceanic crust, but thicker tops the sandwich off with a few layers of potato chips.
What a gross sandwich…
You can wash it all down with some salt water just for the heck of it.

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I’m guessing you were REALLY hungry when you thought this one up, am I right?

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Not so much hungry but just in a strange question asking mode at the time.
I’m better now.

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It’s a baloney sandwich on wry.

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It’s a Hero, and we are the swiss cheese…slightly nutty and full of holes.

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A turkey pastrami reuben.

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An ice cream sandwhich

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SuperMouse – Now I’m hungry!!! Can I get fries with that?

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PB & J?

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@Autumn, I know! I’m headed to the deli right now.

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