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Advantages of solid state hard drives?

Asked by Ria777 (2687points) October 17th, 2008

if I get a laptop with one, can I move them around a lot more without fear of damaging them? type with them on my lap? that kind of thing? what differences does it make? BTW, in case this helps you answer my question, I like Mac’s rather than PC’s.

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Faster load/save times, much smaller, less likely to be ruined by dropping, quieter and cooler than an HHD. At this point in time, I don’t believe that the technology is advanced enough to justify the much higher prices for SSD’s with equal or lower capacities than HHD’s

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I agree with Eambos. The benefits of SSDs do not justify their ridiculous price. Unless you have money to burn go for it. Personally, if I had the means, I’d try to get ahead of the technology curve. =)

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reliability. I’ve lost too many laptop hard drives. Less moving parts = higher reliability.

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If you are refuring to the MacBook Air’s SSD, then I agree with everyone else, it is not worth the price, unless you have, as I do, a tendency to launch your laptop across the room out of, A) Frustration, B) Anger, C) Rage, D) Vista induced Rage\Hate\Anger\Depression, then I fully recommend getting the SSD because the only thing that can catastrophically brake on the Air is the screen, in that case.
I have watched guys at the Apple Store turn on the Air, run some Apps, then drop it on the floor, nothing stops working, the Apps still continue to plug away at what they were doing.
I know of the Holo-SSD’s Japan has, they claim to be the size of a playing card (thickness too) and are capable of being folded, while on fire, and still have their information assessable untill the drive melts. i believe when I can get a 5 terabite SSD for my Air, I will then pay the extra 2,000$ for it.

Or I win the Lotto\Finish my dang Novel… Or both. I want both.

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@jtvoar16, I thought you could have a 5 terabite SSD for your MacBook Air, if you count the Apple TIme Capsule. (not sure about the SSD part, though.) or had you referred to that in your answer?

anyway, I hadn’t considered getting a MacBook Air, only one of the aluminum MacBook’s (which I can’t afford).

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I was referring to that high end hard drives some developers are using in Japan. It is a single piece of “Holographic Plastic” (I don’t know what they call it. I think it is derived from MechGlass) about as thin as a credit card. As far as I know, I don’t think Apple has purchased that technology… yet.
I was basically saying that in a single hard drive the size and thickness of a credit card, you can get 5 terabytes.

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wow. of course I have heard it said that companies like Apple don’t release the latest technology right away. they release it by dribs and drabs.

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According to, if you link two of intel’s new SSDs together in RAID0 you get one of the fastest had drives ever.

Is it worth $1200? No, but it would be cool to show off.

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