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What are your favorite pick-up lines?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) October 17th, 2008

This question was inspired by the hilarity of Knotmyday’s question about jokes and its answers yesterday. (You can visit the link if you want to know mine ;))

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“Hey, you’re even more beautiful than my wife, and she’s hot!

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only one answer, and i’m already cracking up. this question was the best idea i’ve had all day. i <3 you, astro.

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Then you’ll love this and this.

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I always laugh when I hear someone mention this one, so here goes:

“Do you believe in love at first sight? ...Or should I walk by again?” ;)

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ill be the burger king and you’ll be the dairy queen. you treat me right, and ill do it your way.

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Thank you AGAIN tonight astrochuck! (or should I say astrobrenda?) I did enjoy those links immensely.

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How about this:
“Hey baby, my love for you is like diarrhea. I just can’t hold it in.”

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I pretend like I am from out of town and ask for directions.

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better question: Do pick up lines work? Have they ever worked?

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“Hey baby, are your legs tired?Cuz you been running through my dreams all day’”

“Hey baby, if I told you you had a nice ass would you hold it against me?”

Hey baby, are those space pants you’re wearing? Cuz your ass is out of this world.”

“Hey baby, Im new in town. Could you give me directions to your place?”

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Is your dad in jail? He should be. He stole the stars out of the sky and put them in your eyes.

Check out for a ton of funny lines!
If you were a pirate, would you like your parrot on this shoulder or that one (put arm around far shoulder)?

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Pick-up artist: “Did it hurt?”
Prospect: “Did what hurt?”
Pick-up artist: “When you fell from heaven.”

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Excuse me… How much does a polar bear weigh?

Um. What?

Just enough to break the ice. Hi my name is Aaron.

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@CameraObscura: I lurve that one. Lurve to you. ha ha

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@gimmedat good website you have there.

Some of my favs.
Do you have a driving liscence? Cause you just drive my heart away.
Do you have raisins? No? How about a date?
Do you mind if I hang out here until its safe back where I farted.

the worst
Do you know karate? Cuz u body is kickin! .

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None, you gotta be in the moment.

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Does this smell like chloroform to you?

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get your coat love, you’ve pulled

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I’ll be sausage. You be the Biscuits.

Let’s do breakfast some time…

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@bodyhead – yours made me laugh out loud!

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Lightly seared, I don’t get it. are you on a iphone or something? i feel like that can’t be the whole line…

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@la chica yes I’m on an iPhone… But that is the whole line. You just assume that any girl would love to come back to your place.

you never asked for lines that might actually work

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lol, no no, i definitely didn’t ask for lines that would work! lol, that was intentional! but, it’s the second half i don’t get – “you’ve pulled” ?

you’ve pulled what?

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“you’ve pulled” is a UK term meaning er… picked up, scored, ie met someone on a night out and arranged a date (or casual sex). So the point of a pick up line is to “pull” the girl(boy, transgendered person or whatever).

hope I’m explaining this

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Oh, you crazy Brits and your crazy language. When are you ever going to adopt American English the way God and Mr. Webster intended?

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hahahaha, okay, i get it now. thanks for explaining!

oh and, yeah! what astrochuck said! you guys should get on that! ;-)

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VERY NSFW and sorry for the vulgarity but they are too good to pass up

the best two i just learned this weekend

“you look good, are you into fitness? what about fitness dick in your mouth?”


“What is the difference between jam and jelly? well i am not about to jelly my dick in your ass later tonight, am i.”

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@waterskier I’m curious to learn if you have tried those lines out “in the field” and if they met with any success.

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I’ve used the fitness one with a good success rate. It all depends on how you say it.

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What kind of girls do you say that to with “a good success rate”, bodyhead? Your blow-up doll or the hooker that’s already been paid? ;-)

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You’re thinking about it all wrong. I don’t frequent the truck stops anymore.

If you heard me say it, you’d be all over me. It’s all about the inflection.

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With all due respect, bodyhead, no I wouldn’t.

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Obviously, I’m joking.

You might be too. The thing is that if you are joking, it means that you really would succumb to the high class fitness line (but only if I said it). Somehow, I doubt this very much.

If you’re serious, I must say that joke when so far over your head that someone hijacked it an flew it into a building.

Here I’m not joking as much as I’m teasing (in the most good hearted way possible). I’m sure you’re a smashingly good person

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Well your text sounded so damn serious. No smilies of any kind, not the :) or the ;-) or this one :~), not a lol or a jk, how the heck was i supposed to know you were kidding? I think I was supposed to read your mind…or maybe the truck stop comment was supposed to clue me in, but i have been to truck stops, and no one said lines that icky to me there… ;)

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@ lightlyseared, i just learned them this weekend so no. but i dont think i would ever try them, because any girl who would respond positively to those would not be a girl i would be interested in talking to

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