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What are good ways to celebrate Halloween as you get older?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) October 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I live the atmoshpere it gives off and the whole vibe. Except now the while trick or treating thing is beyond my age group. ((I had to fight with people last year to get candy).

No one in my college dorm is throwing any kind of Halloween party, so what are some ways I can celebrate with some of my friends?

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I hear drinking is popular, and this gives you a warm up for Thanksgiving… and Christmas…

New Year’s…

Your Birthday… Mother’s Day… Cinco De Mayo… Tuesdays

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Drop acid and go look at everyone in their costumes ^_^

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PARRRRRRRRTTTTYYY!!! and trick or treating!!! You are NEVER to old to trick or treat

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I got to thinking about this and if you’re on campus in a dorm, you may be in a new city.

I don’t know how big the town and campus your at is, but usually there’s a number of things advertised in the newspaper. From costume parties (if you want to dress up) to concerts, to haunted houses.

Just remember everyone else wants to get out and do something that night so there’s going to be plenty to choose from. If you’d rather, you still have two weeks to organize your own fun and games as well. Maybe all the other folks in the dorm are waiting for you to get things started.

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smashing pumkins on each other. Jk

My friends and I carved our own pumpkin last year. Pretty amazing job i must say.

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You could use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a whore. It’s all the rage these days.

When I was too young to have a sweet pad to throw a party in, I would dress up and go to a show. Maybe a good band is playing that night. Check your local listings.

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Last year we had this horrible woman (dirty, disheveled, on drugs) come to our door, asking for candy for her children, who were still at home…I regret not calling the police…

Go to a haunted hay-ride late at night with your friends at an apple orchard.

Organize a small Halloween Event, with apples on a string, witches’ broom-limbo, things like that..

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dress up like a scary monster prop and hold a bowel of candy. Act like a doll till someone walks up then you can scare them. That could be fun if u set up in a busy area of trick-or-treaters

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