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What should we do about censorship?

Asked by bluemukaki (4327points) October 18th, 2008,

it turns out that Australians will soon be unable to access the internet in any form other than how the government wants us to see it, any ideas on how we can campaign against this?

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Stop supporting the government and corporations. Give the power back to the people. Stop working and buying from the corporations, and start working for ourselves and neighbors. People invent things, make things, and use things, not corporations and government.

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A hippy rock fest, the like of what this world has never seen. Woodstock, Burning man, they’ll look pale in comparison to this. We’ll fight the establishment with the power of rock and roll!

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Oh man, that sucks. Organize and protest!

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Join or form a group. Start a global campaign. Put up wed sites. That is appalling. Make elected officials take a stand and vote those that support this out of office.

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Be visible and vocal

Contact companies that may be inclined to support your efforts, perhaps Google, Yahoo, etc (their revenues are advertiser dependent, restricting access also restricts advertisers)

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Correction: web not wed.

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I’m with joey. Let’s do it.

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I would never have thought Australia would do something like that.

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It should be illegal to even talk about censorship.

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chris is exactly right. people complain about this sort of thing and then go around buying everything at walmart and buying all their gas at quicktrip but they’re too stupid to just realize they’re just feeding the man!
sorry if i rant, i can’t staaand huge corporations

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Sounds like a television V Chip. Some kids will just be more popular on the block.

“about the proposed law that the censorship wouldn’t be compulsory, and that the “clean feed” would be opt-in, not opt-out.”

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Now China…that’s CENSORSHIP…

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