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What's the best way stay warm on a motor scooter?on a motor scooter?

Asked by cdwccrn (3600points) October 18th, 2008 from iPhone

recently bought a motor scooter and not ready to put it away till spring, but it’s getting chilly. Tried layers, added gloves. Cant find the heater switch.

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Don’t wear cotton against your skin, use synthetic materials (propelyne, polyester). Layers are wonderful. Get yourself a good pair of glove liners (made from wool or a synthetic), use chemical hand warmers, and get some toe warmers, too. Those things are amazing. Wear a hat and a scarf (or, even better, a neck gaitor).

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OK, first, become the Ghost Rider….

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Leather jacket (possibly insulated) with a sweater underneath.

Layers, like Les said, are good – just make sure that they are also strong enough to protect your actual hide in an accident.

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Just ride it indoors.

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AstroChuck, great answer. Works except for the stairs.

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Wool under the leather. Propylene under the wool.
A balaclava around your neck and over your head – silk or synthetic.
Leather pants or even chaps, though those wouldlook funny on a scooter (not very Italian)....
and specialized motorcycle gloves – insulated and waterproof.

Good for you, to drive this cool little gas-saver as long as possible.

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susanc, it is a cool little gas-saver, and very fun to ride, AND getting cold fast at 50mph in the Midwest fall.

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sounds like buying proper riding gear will cost as much as the scooter itself!

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Buy yourself a battery warmed vest, hat, gloves, pants. They make gear for cold weather riding all the way from light fall gear to the it just snowed and is -80 outside gear. Don’t forget that the Russians ride 2 wheel drive motorcycles all through their winters.

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