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How long do eggs keep before they spoil?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) October 18th, 2008

How long can eggs keep in or outside of the fridge without going bad?

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Four to six weeks, make sure to refrigerate though.

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I have a carton that says it expired on the 10th. I used the penultimate egg yesterday—the 17th. It wasn’t bad yet.

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Until you crack one that’s obviously spoiled.

FYI: Saw a documentary about egg industry.
Eggs candled, packed and carton dated
Eggs delivered to stores
Unsold eggs picked up from stores
Taken back to packing plant
Recandled, packed and carton dated
Eggs delivered to store,
repeat to gone

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Most food-items have incorrect expiration dates – if an expiration date needs to be on the food at all. This is merely a public image thing. For very few things (milk, being one of them) do you actually need to be zealous about heeding expiration dates.

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Ivgr. What is that a poem??

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he should get the pulitzer

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If you aren’t sure about the freshness, here are a couple of ways to test them.

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When I was in Laos, I was always a little concerned because we would have a large flat of eggs that sat out unrefrigerated and we ate them until they were gone (we only had about 6 hours of electricity per day). My dietary choices were pretty severely limited while there, so I ate them anyway. Didn’t seem to do me any harm.

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All depends on how fresh they are. Farm fresh can last for months. Store bought really good question.

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up to 5 weeks after the sell by date on the carton. I have never left them that long….mine get used pretty quick.

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