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Are there any Turkish baths in the United States?

Asked by Pietro (65points) August 15th, 2007

My partner and I have a dream of having a life commitment ceremony in a Turkish bath, though it is unrealistic to ask our guests to go to Europe. Anyone know of a good Turkish bath or hot springs that would be nice? It would be even better if it were in California (where we live).

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I am a big hotspring fan, and yes there are amazing ones in Northern California! ...these aren't turkish baths, but they are well worth a visit check them out online:
Orr Hotsprings near Ukiah (I think you can do weddings there)
Wilbur Hotsprings (amazing old inn, off the grid, with hot springs across the road)
Harbin Hotsprings (I find this the most hippy and least appealing of the three, but it's still nice)

All of these places are clothing optional in the actual springs, so you have to be comfortable with public nudity...but Wilbur is actually a place that I found to be pretty modest, people are chill, I think most people will feel comfortable there --there was no icky sexual vibe.

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If you are in San Francisco, check out Kabuki Springs and Spa on Geary. You can't have an event or ceremony there, but you should go because it's just a special and wonderful place. Women's days are Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Men's days are Thursday and Saturday. Tuesdays are co-ed but you have to wear a bathing suit. $20-25 to get in, depending on the day.

Also on the other side of Geary, Imperial Spa is a Korean spa, divided by gender into men's side and women's side. They do a scrub that has been described as a "car-wash". It's intense. Having been to a Turkish bath in Istanbul, I think Imperial's scrub is the most similar to the kind of scrub you experience in a turkish bath.

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p.s. regarding the hotsprings place above (Orr and Wilbur)--they are NOT nudist colonies, i.e. you have to wear clothes everywhere except in the actual baths, where most people go naked (some wear bathing suits).

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There are a few of them in NYC. I know one in the East Village and one in Chelsea, but don't know their names offhand.

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would Chinatown in san francisco have baths? It popular in japan and some parts of asia

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i just opened this profile so i can give u the answer :D
i searched for u and here is what i got for u from locations
i hope that help
Los Angeles: 2nd St: Hammam Turkish Baths 1896
Los Angeles: W 7th St (431): Los Angeles Athletic Club 1912%u20141920
Los Angeles: W 3rd St (219): Metropolitan Barber Shop & Turkish Bath 1911
Los Angeles: Grand Ave: Biltmore [Hotel] Turkish Baths 1930s
Los Angeles: Redondo Beach Turkish Baths 1909%u20141941
Los Angeles: South St/Hill St: Consol.Realty Bldg:Sultan Turkish Baths

Los Angeles: Venice Beach: Main Street: Turkish Baths c.1910
San Diego: San Diego Club: Turkish Baths 1934
San Francisco: Ellis St: Turkish Baths (Men only) 1911%u20141980s
San Francisco: Post St (222): The Post Street Turkish Baths 1894, 1901
San Francisco: Post St (624): Sultan Turkish Baths 1905%u20141925
San Francisco: Calvin Huyett's Turkish Baths (destroyed in 'quake) %u20141906

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ok people relax
here is the website it has info around the US and Canada so check it out

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Only during thanksgivng season

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The Turkish Bath is an endangered species in the U.S. I don’t think any of the places that TuTu listed in Cal have been open for at least the past half-century. I do know that this place in New York is still in business (a friend’s been)-

As for a private ceremony—they’re a business. I suspect that if you offered them as much or more than they’d otherwise make in a normal afternoon, they’d be willing to talk :D

yagiz's avatar check it out!! there are amazing stuff under hamam brand (totally made from Denizli,Turkey)
%20 of towells in US Market produced by Hamam even they have another brands. You are going to love it!! Plus,the company name is EKE.
Enjot it!

cevat's avatar in germany original turkish bath Exfoliation and massage foam on the 50 – 70 degrees ocean

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