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Who are your favorite comedians, comediannes?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307points) October 18th, 2008

And how do you think comedy, stand- up and tv. etc., has changed in the past twenty years? Please include your, but I understand if you don’t :).

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Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampanelli, Kathy Griffen, George Carlin, and some other dead guy that I can’t remember the name of.

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I haven’t been around long enough to judge how comedy has changed in the past twenty years but my favourite comedians are Colin Lane, Frank Woodley, Demetri Martin, Carl Baron, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, The Umbilical Brothers, The Monty Python Crew, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, Bill Bailey, Arj Barker, and I can’t think of any more :P

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The dead guy I couldn’t remember the name of is Mitch Hedburg (sp?).

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I second George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg, the Pythons, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie and Bill Bailey.

To add some more: Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Alan Carr, Jo Brand, Jennifer Saunders, Victoria Wood, Phill Jupitus, David Walliams, Matt Lucas, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Lewis Black, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, The Capitol Steps, Dave Barry, Jon Stewart…

I like Brits and political humor, can you tell?

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Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, Katt Williams, Mitch Hedberg, George Carlin, Flip Wilson, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Dave Chappelle

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I’s interesting that so many people are saying Mitch Hedberg! I loved him too but before he commited suicide, it seemed that nobody really knew about him.

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The late great Richard Jeni. David Cross and Chris Rock.

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Dave Chappelle, and a bunch of norwegian comedians,
check out this video: hilarious

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I like Chris Rock. He always tells it like it is. John Stewart is great. Dave Barry and Carl Hiassen for comedy writing.

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Milton Berle
Older Bill Cosby
Bob Newhardt
George Carline
George Burns
Demitri Martin
Eddi Izzard

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MacCain !! kiddin

i like the guy from Everybody Loves Raymond and also Rowan Atkinson

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@mea05key – Rowan Atkinson – is awesome. I love his none bean skit stuff to.

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i like akmol you know that egiption guy

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I will have to look him up. I am not familiar with him. I like the priest, best man, father of the bride skit I laugh so hard

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hes sometimes on good news week

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Mike Myers
Tina Fey
Amy Pohler
Tracy Morgan
Will Farrell
Eddie Murphy
Rowan Atkinson (I looooove Mr. Bean)
John Cleese
The Monty Python cast
Charlie Sheen
Basically the whole SNL cast
There are more I just can’t think of them now

Wellcome ctimm

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No prob. That’s what I’m here for.

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hey how do you add people to your fluthers

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click on there avatar then next to it it will say like add this person

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i added you to my fluthers

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thank you. right back at ya

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did you add me to your fluthers

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George Carlin, Emo Phillips, Bill Maher, Dave Chapelle, and a few more that I am too lazy to look up. :)

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George Calin
Louis CK
Demetri Martin
Jim Norton
Mitch Hedberg
Bill Maher
Jon Stewart
David Cross
Sarah Silverman
Brain Posehn

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Oh, add Dennis Miller and Bill Mahr to mine

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I forgot to say Akmal Saleh

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@Mica—Mitch overdosed on drugs, that’s technically not suicide.

And I really like Jim Gaffigan, I don’t think I’ve seen his name on here yet. (except for those sierra mist commercials, those are terrible.)

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i like David spade hes funny on rules of engagement and Joe dirt

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Kathy Griffin accepting an Emmy, and being rebanned, Zelwiger, Hilton, Dakota Fanning.
Margaret Cho talking about her family and friends, especially her mom leaving a message. Dave Chappelle for Rick James, the racial draft, Charlie Murphy, and Wayne Brady.
George Carlin for the 10 commandments down to 2, and everything to do with language.
Sarah Silverman for f***ing Matt Damon.
Louis CK for an awesome show that should have lasted longer.
Dennis Miller for all the smart rants.
Bill Maher for a different kind of smart rant, and the take on religion.
Jennifer Saunders for AbFab -especially the time Saffy kissed her prof and Edi licked the light switch. Also, selling Saffy.
John Stewart for bringing it nightly to the news, and for his Crossfire appearance.
David Cross because I saw his hairy ass in person.

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George Carlin, Bernie Mac, George Lopez, Kathy Griffin, Ron White, Eddie Murphy, Denis Leary.

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Monty Python are probably my absolute favorites.
Mr. Show
The Kids In The Hall
Eddie Izzard
Fry & Laurie
Dave Chappelle
Jennifer Saunders
old Eddie Murphy
George Carlin
Bill Bailey
Graham Linehan (He wrote or co-wrote series like Big Train, Father Ted, The IT Crowd, and Black Books)
Dylan Moran
Chris Morris
Richard Pryor
Bill Hicks
Tina Fey

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Victor Borge is hilarious. He combines music and comedy. Just saw him on a TV special last night. Does anyone here remember “Phonetic Punctuation”?

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The best are:
Patton Oswalt
David Cross
Zack Galifinakis
Bill Hicks
Daniel Tosh
Dave Chapelle
Brain Poeshen
and some others but those are my favorites

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George Carlin forever…

RIP George

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Dane Cook
Will Ferrell
Mike Meyers
Jeff Dunham
Adam Sandler
George Lopez
IN the past 20 years i think stand up has become more sexual, America has become sex crazed and most stand up these days revolves around sexual content because we have run out of stuff to make fun of

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Comediannes aren’t funny,

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Ether is Dane Cook.

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@simone sarah silverman is hilarious and hot :)

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Yeah I know she defiantly is both of them things. I still needed to make my statement.

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I’ve been watching, studying, (almost) worshiping comedians and comedy acts most of my life and I agree with a good majority of the above list, however I try to keep on the lookout for up-and-comers too. My favorite “new” comedian right now is John Caparulo.

My top 10 list:
1— George Carlin
2— Richard Pryor
3— Lenny Bruce
4— Bill Cosby
5— Steve Martin
6— Chris Rock
7— Rodney Dangerfield
8— Eddie Murphy
9— Jerry Seinfeld
10— Mitch Hedburg

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@Sakata I have been told I look related to Steve Martin.

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Damn, someone finally mentioned lenny. his fight for the first amendment was one thing (being able to say “fuck” on stage is certainly taken for granted these days) but he was also one hilarious dude. him and cosby were two of the first stand-up comedians to just talk about their lives in a way that everybody could relate. before them it was all mother-in-law jokes and “how about these taxes?”

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