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Are they remaking final fantasy 8 for ps3 or psp?

Asked by arcoarena (692points) October 19th, 2008

I was talking to a friend of mine and we both could have sworn that we read or heard somewhere that they were remaking 8 but when I did a quick search I found nothing. did we really both just nerdily dream about this happening?

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No idea but i really hope they will make a pc version of final fantasy 8. I just cant get enough of the story.

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…there’s been a pc version of final fantasy 8 since it first came out

anyway, i think they’d do 7 first

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Nobody’s remaking Final Fantasy 8. It was the worst in the series. Square has remade Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III (in 3D on the DS), and has finished remaking Final Fantasy IV (in 3D also on the DS).

Final Fantasy 8 was the worst. I’d be more inclined to play a Final Fantasy VI (6) remake, due to the sheer epic scale of the game that has never been matched in a Final Fantasy title… and yes, that statement is VERY true. No other FF has packaged in a storyline where THE VILLAIN WINS, DESTROYS THE PLANET, and then says “Oh, that’s not the end… that’s just the halfway point. Now what are you gonna do?”

Don’t forget the Operahouse (with it’s 12 minute long musical composition), Final Boss Battle “Dancing Mad” (Near 18 minutes long) and the biggest ending ever for a Final Fantasy game (with music spanning almost 22 minutes long).

The soundtrack, story, cast of characters, scale of the story and so on has never been matched, I don’t care what all the nancy-ass teenagers whose “first time out” was with the generic cast of Final Fantasy VII and pretty CG cutscenes.

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well there had always been the rumors about them remaking final fantasy 7 but I guess I just imagined that I had heard about the ff8 remake. I guess we’ll just have to wait for ff13 but that seems like its taking fucking forever!

oh and I definitely disagree that ff8 was the worst. 7 was still better in my opinion but 8 was awesome.

besides having to draw magic because that was fucking lame.

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No offense but eight sucked in my opinion. I could not see the point in remaking it. But Squal is making an appearance in Final Fantasy: Dissidia for the psp.

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FF8 was definitely one of my favorites next to 9 and 3. I hope they remake it on PS3 then Xbox 360 steals it.

I cant stand 7 or its shitastic fanboy following.

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Lovelocke ,trogdor LOL at you

Lovelocke – your post was completely a self-centred ignorant perspective and your so called “statement’s” boasting numerous negative remark’s about FFVIII are completely without fact? Can you actually play the game? (yes thats the sort of question derived from the understanding of reading your post LOL)

1) The final battle against Ultemecia was staged within “Time compression” (Should I get the dictionary meaning of that for your feeble interpretation’s currently of it?) therefore it wasen’t the “end of the world” they were simply suspended in a void of time which could easily be sped up, slowed down, replayed, erased etc etc…..hope that isn’t too hard for you to comprehend. In any case Ultemecia DID NOT DESTROY THE WORLD or intend too she wanted to escape her fate basically as a Sorceress condemned from society and went on a rampage to slaughter as a result of it, to protect herself from the nation’s looking to eliminate her as being viewed as a threat for her magical power’s (hence the creation of garden, SeeD’s), but to avoid lingering from your “statement” it’s obvious clarifying your blatant false pretenses over this was in order. She alway’s had a fear of the destined SeeD that would be her downfall and became evident at Squall and Co arrival at her castle in which she again was forced to defend herself and challenge her fate. But YES she is the main villain portrayed in the game in which all event’s take place to escalate to a final showdown with her but seriously “Destroy the world and say oh that’s not the end etc etc” you stated is COMPLETELY FALSE. Ultemecia simply put is just persevering for her fight for survival and looking to pass her magical power’s on to other’s in order to avoid ever being wiped out of existance, the notion of command and conquering the world is hardly plausible.

2)12mins Opera house scene??? lmao. I’m not going to go check up the runtime of this cut-scene but “opera house” (again another hypothetically charged ignorant statement your on a roll) again ” Can you actually play the game?” LOL. First of all it’s not even an opera house, it’s the SeeD inauguration ball at Balamb garden…but you’d understand that right? I mean you “actually played the game” since these event’s are all linear-based and consecutively executed one after the other therefore you couldn’t have missed out on the “plot” could you? I’m going to join your band-wagon here for a second and “assume hypothetically” that im fairly certain the cut-scene at the in the SeeD inauguration ball was probably around 2mins? I can’t distinctly remember but where did you get a “12mins cut-scene in the Opera house”??? LOL.

3) The final encounter with Ultemecia im assuming your making your recollection of “Dancing Mad” from Ultemecia’s 4th form and final transformation before completion of the game? I don’t have much to really argue here although it seem’s your post is heavily from a personal preference since all it is are just a bunch of worthless hypothetical statement’s that are not logical because they are not plot based? simple enough to understand right? So your post has no credibility about it really. The FFVIII ending was FANTASTIC. Square-soft (at the time) acknowledged all the event’s BRILLIANTLY, the aftermath showing past event’s involving the relationship shared between Ultemecia and Edea-Also a glimpse into Squall’s background. Squall’s whole personality transition is apitomised as well. The reconnection of lost lover’s between Squall and Rinoa. Closing Credit’s laid out to allow connection with the character’s celebrtation of success through the “live-cam” was captivating. Who can forget the closing credit’s with Rinoa and Squall eluded to earlier in the game with Rinoa’s hand gesture to him at the SeeD inauguration ball for their “First Kiss!!!”. Extremely well collaborated happy ending to a epic Final Fantasy title :D and in my opinion has valid and debateable question’s that have echoed throughout the past decade from FFVIII fan’s and critic’s that demand a FFVIII remake and/or CGI movie!! =^.^=

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InEv3, um…. YOU’RE the idiot. Did you not even read Lovelocke’s post? The person is talking about how Final Fantasy VIII sucked mad balls and how Final Fantasy VI (that’s 6, not 8) is the superior game.

Apparently, you can’t read, as your entire post has misinterpretted Lovelocke’s comments entirely. And you also apparently haven’t played Final Fantasy VI(6) since you’ve somehow confused the Opera House scene with the stupid dance between Squall and Rinoa. You confused… well, everything, because you simply can’t read.

1) Ultemecia didn’t destroy the world, true… KEFKA did.

2) Squall and Rinoa danced in Balamb Garden (or wherever, I don’t care), true… But in FFVI, there is a 12 minute long Opera House sequence. In VI, not VIII.

3) Dancing Mad is Kefka’s theme, NOT Ultemecia’s. LERN 2 REED!!!

You fail at life. Do yourself a favor and end it now.

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Ugh, it only gives you so much time to edit your post… Ultimecia***, my bad. I was just mimicing the spelling error of InEv3 without giving it much thought. Amazing how InEv3 claims to be such a huge fangirl of one of the worst RPGs ever made, yet she can’t properly spell the villain’s name.

>_>;; At least I re-read my post and realized it.

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I really don’t get why everyone hates ff8 so much. I definitely really enjoyed that game. Now I am not a big final fantasy expert. I started with 7 and haved played all of the future releases minus 11 plus a little of 1 and 3 but 8 was still a pretty great game. why the animosity?

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it didn’t live up to its younger sibling, FF7… Its a DECENT game, but in the shadow of its predecessor…. its nothing.

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ive played every single final fantasy from 1 to 12 and 7 is by far the best followed by 6 and then 8. 9 isthe disgrace of final fantasy

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Doo0o0ds~ why are you all putting up negas on FFVIII?

FFVIII and all other FF series were all great based on their differences.

I’m not to compare a game and all, but we can say FFVIII is unique in the series, since they first introduced the Junction System (whereas, using magic as equipment)

FFVII and below on the other hand, is very general (so does FFIX)

that’s why Squenix can’t really think of a way to remake this, this would lead FFVIII a dump (should FF7 be remade in the 1st place because it’s story is too fragmented?)

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FFVIII is being trashed because FFVII was ground breaking among many new FF players as well as nostalgic FF players. FFVII pooled in a lot of new and first time FF players ( Advent of PS1, ground breaking console) and FFVII became the platform of what FF games should be. When Square thought of another system (FFVIII) it received criticism and contempt just because it was different. Story was great in FFVIII.

This is true because The computer generation was around 1998 – 2000+, most people who played FFVII didn’t even know there was an FF1 and so forth. Around 1987 – 1997 console games were not that popular, only people from developed countries could enjoy this. Basically a lot of people and kids were still playing sports and games outside.

After PS1 came along and economies have stabilized after the CW, people started to earn money and spend. PS1 had perfect timing and FFVII as well.( PLus A Massive Bootleg operation on PS1 games launched PS1 as well as its games popularity to new heights.) :))

FFVIII was great
* Level Gap System ( mobs have the same level as you, no imbalance)
* No Item Dupe (At least to my knowledge :) ( FFVII) hehehe has
* Better Character Renders and CGI
* Junction System (Strategic)
* Explored deeper the concept of romance and adventure :)
* Story was more deep. It opened for more creative opinions and story mysteries
(Ultimecia – Rinoa mystery)
FFvii – ( Who did cloud love more, tifa, aeris? ) :)

Both games were great, there are just some biases, FFVII was my first to, but i liked FFVIII a little better

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Personally, I liked FF8 the most of the series. It’s really based on your own personality and what you find interesting scientifically that makes FF8 a good game. If you’re into the whole Sorceress, time warping dilation stuff then you’d love it.

As far as the game not getting good sales and what not,

FF7 is number one, of course. It was the first 3d FF game on the playstation, good graphics for it’s time.

FF8 took more into the people with a different thought process and had even better graphics on a playstation, mind you.

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I personally believe Final Fantasy VIII was the BEST game in the Final Fantasy series, mainly because I could play it for hours and hours and over and over again and never get tired of it. It was the game that got me into the series before VIII Final Fantasy was a confusing mess to me. Probably cause I was 10 but still, VI was good, though I felt that the characters lacked that oomph. I didn’t want to play as all of them, most of them bored me and the 12 minute long opera scene was stupid in my opinion I wanted it to be over before it even started. Of course this is all my opinion and I am entitled to it as you are entitled to yours.

All in all I’m dreaming of the day they remake VIII as well, I’m a big fan of that game and seeing it become more life like and maybe advancing the story further would be amazing. I think VI would benefit from a remake also though I’m not at all keen on a FFVII remake as it has already spawned many sequels and prequels so we already know what the characters REALLY look like, I think that’s what makes remakes really exciting the fact you get a better Idea of the characters.

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I would love to see them come out with some remakes on other games than 7. 7 was “just okay” going thru the 1st time, but it’s been ran so far into the ground that I loathe hearing about it now. I’d like to see 2, 3, or 8 for ps3 (i might actually buy one then)

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No, they will not, simply because of FFVIII’s decline in popularity. But who cares, really? Final Fantasy VIII is chalk full of Sues and mind-numbing battle sequences. The only thing that the game has going is its plotline, which isn’t even average in comparison to most FF titles.

In my opinion, Final Fantasy VIII could’ve been great if they recycled the same battle system from that of Final Fantasy VII. (FF7 was rich with innovative battle schemes and such. ) But instead of a normal battle system, we got the ‘Junction System’! :D Gotta love the junction system. [/sarcasm]

I think that I wasted a good portion of my time just adjusting my stats with the right spells and guardian forces. Not too mention the amount of time that I wasted on drawing magic from the game’s foes. One would think that they would just give us the damned spells, but no… [eyeroll] We had to use the draw system for that.

Okay, I think that I’m done with ranting about the battle system now. XD…But I will start again with the game’s major inadequacy: character development. Squall starts out as an emo blob and develops into the OMG!stereotypical heroic blob. Y’know, like the same blob that’s in just about every RPG known to man. =_____=;; And then we have, Rinoa: the biggest Mary-Sue in the gaming world. Rinoa is such a Sue that even Squall is turned off in the beginning of the game. (Je dis que pour une reason, mes amis.)

Her primary goal, as a female character, was to harass the story’s main protagonist, and that was all. She followed the plot wherever it seemed to go, which was bloody atrocious. Whoever disagrees with this point honestly needs to read Urban Dictionary’s definitions of a Mary Sue. I don’t care how long it takes you, or how dull the articles seem. Just read the damned definitions.

The rest of the game’s characters are rather mediocre. Although Urvine and Zell call for some comic relief, the cast as a whole is utterly insipid. Quistis lacks half the brain that she rightfully deserves and Selphie makes everyone die a little inside… They made Zell act so ridiculously ill-humored that even my Selphie-cringes wouldn’t catch up to the Zell!ones.

Now moving on yet again, what is up with people praising the god-damned plot? It’s awful! The only thing that I liked about it was the idea, but the story’s theme got into the way a bit too much. Which leads me to say that Final Fantasy 8 sucked as a whole. Oh, and if guys want references, then play the damned game again. I’m tired of people complaining about somebody else’s bias, and taking it to an entirely different level. I don’t feel like I need to regurgitate the same shit over and over again. It’s all over the internet.

Christ, I think Spoony’s already listed most of these examples.

FF8 Pros -

*An Alright Battle System

FF VIII’s Cons -

* The characters are in no way (shape or form) stimulating.
* The Gameplay gets dull really quickly.
* Drawing magic can be a hassle.
* It fails at comic relief.
* The characters are all Sues.
* The plot involves Rinoa.
* Squall is a bland protagonist.
* The Junction System is too time-consuming.
* GFs are used too excessively.
* The plot commits suicide more than once.
* There’s little to no variety in weaponry.

(There’s more to the con-list, but I’m too exhausted at the moment to list everything single detail.)

So in response to this question yet again, I say this: Put down FF8 and play some other titles. FFX, V, VII, IX, XIII, VI, and IV are all great additions to the Final Fantasy series.

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HOLY SHIT WTF! ok if u go onto the psp store go to ps1 classics AND DOWNLOAD FF8 FOR 10 BUCKS END OF CONVERSATION!

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would you rather download it or spend +2000 words on why it wouldn’t work etc… ?

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ffVIII is just amazing.
btw Final Fantasy VIII Fails
you fail because u didnt have to draw all that magic or even use the gfs at all,
as soon as i got the magic refine abilities i got all my magic from items. so quit failing

and for you morons that said that ffVIII sales where crap, heres a link

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ok all you guys have favorites and so do i. 6 i never got to play but i have had played all the rest. 7 is the overall favorite of most people. it has numerous movies and games remade from it. it’s old news ok. 7 had a good, confusing but good, story line. 8 however in my opinion is by far the best. it’s what got me into the series. yea it has a junction system but thats not a bad thing. it’s simpler which would prolly get more people into it and the entire series. this game is utterly amazin. other then 10 its the only love story and seriously guys maybe some of ya’ll need some romance. ya’ll are either angry arrogant douches or nerdy and dont talk to anyone. i do play them all but i also play football and basketball and have been with a girl for 4 years and gettin married. im only freakin 18. we dont need anymore 7 remakes. 8 has lost popularity because no body has a workin ps1 anymore. even my damn ps2 stopped playin my ps1 games. i have played thru FF8 prolly 20 times. it needs to be remade for the ps3 so i can get it again dammit. and i know that there would be millions of others to buy the remake anyway. all fans would. i hated the online 11 and 9 was pretty lame. 12 was a completely different style of play that i dont like. and 13 came out 2 freakin days ago and i have them all. i also have 2 extra copies of 8 from playin it too much and i have 7 too even tho the story is fragmented and over used now. 8 is my favorite and ill defend it forever. that dont mean i dont enjoy playin them. but if any game producers read this. go ahead and remake it. it will sale if you advertise and keep the story and system. its amazin and the way i see it. if it aint broke dont fix it. :D bye guys

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and daisy girl your crazy. zell is the comic relief.

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‘jace10’ DUD I stand beside you 100% on ur stance for FF8 I too have played that game too many times to remember and have never once gotten tired of it. FF8 in my estimation is a wonderful game with an imaginative and infectious story, game-play and not to forget the music. The junction system is pretty GOD dam easy if you have any lv of intelligence, and for all you people bitching about drawing magic in FF8, drawing from monsters is not the only way to get magic you can refine it from items and cards and you even have draw points there are lots of ways to get magic. OW MR ‘ff8 fails’ If you really want to find a spineless good for nothing pussy one need look no further THAN CLOUD STRIFE, all of you all seem to forget who was really never a SOLDIER who bitched about how good he was lying trough his teeth, the only thing good about this patsy boy was that he has Jenova cells in him… you don’t have any real talent now do you boy!!. LETS not also forget who fails at every mission he takes up and who let his dream girl die WOW you pathetic weakling. I personally own 3 copies of FF8 since I played it allot and I am dying for a remake and a continuation of the story I also recommend it to first time players. HECK I joined this forum just to come to the Aid of FF8 as a fan that loves it dearly and to all of you Arrogant, Bias, inept pigs out there who tend to debase other peoples dreams without learning to applicate the wine without the toast PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope not, FF8 is by far the worst EVER game i have played on just take a look at my hate rant i did about it:

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FFVIII is by far the best out of the series that was on the ps1. when i first played that game it presented a challenge. example having to continuiously hit square and hold down select required skill to get the boost into high numbers without letting the number fall back down. and also the deep sea research center. it presented mystery and not knowing whats going to be on the decending lvl considering you didnt have the walkthrough. the story was also magnificent. every character had something to prove to themselves and the people around them but didnt just let it all out on the table in the beginning making you guess on what there intentions were. i think what makes this one of the best in the series was the variety of where the story takes place (space, frozen lands, shumi village,the head ache of “the brothers” tomb, esthar etc.) and who wouldnt want to fly around on ship thats as awesome as Ragnarok.

i personally liked the junction system it was more fun then finding an item and equipping it. also how in order to create a stronger weapon you had to find the materials by killing monsters (which were impossible on the last ones). there are much more GF’s as well giving you a massive choice and finding which character is most compatible with that GF. all in all great game, but i dont think it should be remade. a movie would be nice though =]

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you guys all seem very… passionate. about your opinions.but what all you final fantasy h8ers(lol) seem to have forgotten is that what made the final fantasy series so great is that each game is COMPLETELY different from the one before sure there are and will always be some gaming “truths” ex. summons and magic. and sometimes they will even change how they present a truth too, ex. GFs(8),eidolons(9),fayths(10),and summons. the final fantasy world is ever changing be it the way you fight or just adding a pompom to a moogles head. and to you cloud haters sure he could be considered a failure pussy that cant even save his girlfriend but could you? and what i think makes cloud so special is hes not some super magical hero that if present makes everthing bad go away, but he is strong in his own way in a human way cause when he found out that he had been living a JENOVA induced lie he man uped and faced his friends and comrades and told them and after facing them he continued to try to save the world from a giant meteor could any of you truly say if in a situation even remotley similar could get up and DO something? but i have digressed (and ranted) to actually answer the original question. obviously at this point you have realized (its been 2 yrs afterall) they did not and probably will not make a remake. ff 8 is a good game but if anything i would like them to make remakes for the older games like 6 (never played that one) so us younger generation gamers can enjoy the milestones that you old geezers love so much!jk but if you are still looking for 8 they have made a download for psp and ps3 on the playstation network so you can play the game (its the same as on ps) but if you do. remember to check the controls on the start menu for psp because i almost couldnt get past the seed test. since in the original game to run you merely press L2 and R2 but those buttons kinda..dont exist on a psp turns out to run you need to press the dialog stick almost couldnt escape the stupid robo spider in the very begining how sad…

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Ok , people… I’ve played every FF since the beginning ( except XI… I wasn’t doing the online game thing ) and here’s the thing… THEY’RE JUST GAMES !! I’m as big a fan of the FF series as alot of you . Hell , I’d buy one before I finished the previous one then play it to see how the graphics were… then never get back to the one I was playing… lol . My point is , as many credible issues that go on in this world , is it really worth arguing over games ?? We all have our favorites… that’s what makes us individuals .. different tastes . All this arguing leads me to think you all forgot one thing… the one thing we have in common is that we’re all fans of the FF series . Talk about remakes… how about remaking FF Tactics with todays graphics ( like have characters climb instead of hopping up on things ) ??

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Ok, I spent a few minutes reading these posts just for kicks, LOL OMG I haven’t heard such foolishness like this a quite a while. It’s called difference of opinion, every body thinks differently about everything, so to say something like “It is the worst game ever” is the stupidest thing you could say. You might think it’s the worst, and others might think it’s the best, so you saying that it “IS” the worst/best is so foolish, and nobody really cares about your opinion.
And really, on a topic of “are they making a remake of FF8?” nobody cares about what you think of the game, nobody wants to know! All that anybody cares about knowing is exactly what the question is asking!
Oh well I gotta say, I got a good laugh out of this. It’s always fun to see how foolish mortals can be.

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I think final fantasy 8 was a 25 hour long love story that made me go I don’t care. As for a remake it is always a possibility. remakes for games is a way for creators to milk as much money out of a particular idea as possible. Look at 7 they have made 3 games and 1 movie out of that world to get fans to cough up even more of their money to buy them. as far as im concerned remake it or not either way I wont buy it because even though 8 had a few good features to it like GF’s leveling up with your character and that they protect you when you start summoning them and the fact that they did away with magic power system and used scrolls that you have to draw from enemies to make the game a little more difficult. it wasn’t very action packed and it didn’t wow me on the story line either.

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Man, I remember that I spent more time to play FF8 more than any others FFs, why? Half for play triple triad, and half for a perfect savegame. People said Omega was strong, I said he was unworthy, I did beat him without using Aura or Invicible.
To all that said FF8 was worst, ye just paranoid. To all that said FF8 should like FF7 or the classic, ye’ really should shut up. FF8’s unique for which it is, it’s a good game. Ye don’t like FF8? Don’t bother by it and walk away.

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well what i think is slightly ironic is how Azrall complains about ppl not answering the question and yet… didnt answer the question! lol.but about this whole opinion thing, true everyone has an opinion (obviosly) and true everyone is intitled to said opinion. but i dont see these…humorus… ok completely silly comments, stupid or pointless (ok sometimes) these things are for answering a lost souls question, then completely ignoring said question to debate (i really mean debate not argue some ppl forget that) the subject brought up. because like i said before, its been 2 years the questioner knows the answer at this point, it would be like beating a dead horse to continue, unless a remake is made, and until that day we can give our opinions on the merits of a final fantasy 8 remake.

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i really hope they remake FF8 but hear me out on this we all love 6 (america 3) and 7, but 8 had the most plausible type of world or how one would develop with monsters running around…think about it people would have militaries would be created to protect cities by dispatching units for hire, not only that but there would be military schools to teach about the proper use of magic, monsters and their habitat, and guardian forces as well as receiving a salary based upon your given rank as a soldier.

I myself would really like to see this game remade it really is a beautiful world with LOTS to explore and plenty of enemies and a great story, its easily one of my favorites…. though un-biastly FF6(america 3) is the best

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yeah you have a point tifa it is like the most plausible if monsters were running around. for example i think every town in the game had some sort of soldier or guards standing at posts and such and you even play patrol duty as laguna in the windmill town with elain (is that right?) and raine.

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I hate all the ff8 haters, ff8 is the best game out of the series, squall had real power, and had somebody to love, cloud was a loser, low ranking solider he wasn’t great until Hojo work on him and made him something more then sephiroth, also ff8 has the best cut scenes, the battle between seifer and squall was bad ass compere to fu@king ff7. i have to admit i do feel sorry for cloud, thinking he is a bad ass and hes a first class solider but he was liven in another mans shoes, didn’t realize it shortly before the great resurrection of ultimate sephiroth
bottom line cloud is a fu@king loser.

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I agree xD, FF8 Rocks!

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cloud plus omnislash plus giant sword equals (epic) ,squall plus renzokuken plus awesome giant lionheart equals (chuck norris with brown hair)

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im getting dissidia (): and nobody cares huh

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Just saying, i think FF7 was overhyped, it really wasnt a great game. THe best character dies in the first disc. But see, thats my opinion. Honestly, FF8 was the best…TO ME… the guy just asked if they were making a remake for it. Why everyone chose to diss the game, idk. If you dont like the game, then i really dont think anyone here cares about your 2cents. Feel free to say whatever you want to my comment, it just furthermore proves that you guys have nothing better to do in your life but complain about what other people think. If you read this and chose not to comment, kudos to you. Well, thats all im going to say.

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I don’t know about FF8, but I have both a Playstation and PC version of FF7.

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