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What is a Californian bikini wax?

Asked by fkt (96points) August 16th, 2007

I know what a Hollywood is and I know what a Brazilian is, but what on earth is a Californian? I've tried Googling to find out, but there's no way I can research this safely at work!

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It's just the basics. It's "neat and tidy" as opposed to Hollywood (all gone) or Brazilian (landing strip ).

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Oh, I just thought it meant that it cost 3 times more than anywhere else in the country. :-)

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That too! Funnily enough it's very expensive compared to the other waxes.

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Hollywood is a great place.

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A Brazilian means all gone.

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The Californian also known as the Mohican
This is a very high bikini wax leaving a small line of pubic hair centrally in a vertical line above the vaginal area and round underneath, allowing for a narrow cut thong bikini to be worn.

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