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Breaking news: Colin Powell Supports Obama! Are you surprised?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) October 19th, 2008

It’s official, former Secretary of State Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for president. I have always admired Powell, and I am glad that he has come out and supported Obama. What do you think?

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The way Powell felt when he quit, I’m not surprised that he endorses anyone that Bush dislikes!

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I’m not surprised.
I’ve always like Powell
I hope the endorsement helps.

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I’m not surprised. I admire and respect Powell, and I think he was treated badly by the Bush administration. I also think that, in spite of his friendship with the Bushes, he’s a pretty independent thinker. He says he has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in his lifetime.

I applaud and agree with his decisionl.

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I’ve always thought of Powell as a middle of the road kind of guy and I am glad to see that he voiced his opinion on this issue. No surprise really, like laureth said I’m surprised that Powell doesn’t just follow Bush around with a sign that says, “Don’t trust that guy, or his buddies!”

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Here is a good article, analyzing the importance of Powell’s endorsement of Obama:,8599,1851832,00.html?cnn=yes

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I was not terribly surprised, but I was still pleased to hear him say it publicly. Of course, many idiots have already come to the conclusion that it’s just a black man supporting the black candidate.

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@tabbycat- great link thanks!

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I am happy, and I hope it helps. I used to think much more of Colin Powell before he did the pitch to the UN on the Iraq War. It has been a little downhill with him since then, but I guess his endorsement is still good to have.

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not surprised, think it’s good – maybe he would like to work for him…?

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I watched Meet the Press and did a happy dance!

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I’m still waiting for a book to come out next year. If Amb Powell had announced as Democrat back in the 90’s he could be running for his second term as president today.

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@ judi – I am picturing you dancing like snoopy. hehe

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