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Why do some people emit more body heat than others?

Asked by tinyfaery (40406points) October 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I call these people “heater people”, and my wife is one of them. Sometimes when I am sitting next to her I can feel heat waves emitting from her. And it’s not just when the weather is hot. I am not like this at all. Do you notice this? Why are some people like this?

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Because some of us are just so damn hot!

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Simple because they have higher body metabolism.

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What you’re feeling is the infrared radiation from your wife’s skin. The nervous system controls the micro-vascular circulation in the skin as a way of venting excess metabolic heat out into the environment, and so stabilizing the body’s core temperature.

Metabolic rates vary from individual to individual, as does the ratio of skin surface area to body mass. Someone with a high metabolic rate will need to vent more heat through the skin to maintain their core temperature, and someone with less skin area / body mass will likewise have to pump more heat out per square inch of skin.

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Can also be a result of a malfunctioning thyroid.

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…...and then , there is menopause….

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During menopause, women get hot flashes and radiate heat, in addition to turning beet-red and sweating. I still have an occasional one when I get nervous. Some women have symptoms earlier than others.

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My husband is like that too. Always has been. It’s more fun in winter than in summer.

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Fat (insulation).

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Well my wife is a very small woman in her late 20s, so I’m going with harp’s metabolism explanation. However, my wife does have issues with her thyroid. Maybe a trip to the Doc is in order.

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@Spargett I don’t think so. My husband was a very skinny 160 lbs. back in his 20s when we started daying, and he is not heavy by any means now.

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—@marina; date-oh, day-ate-oh :-)

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It’s not the only reason, just one of many possiblilities. Just take a look at heavy comedians. They sweat twice as fast on stage, 10x times as much.

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YES! My daughter is like a red hot fireplace log. i sweat as soon as she touches me. Drives me insane.

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@gc Thanks, that cracked me up.

Sorry all for my typ-o on date.

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I am a human heater. I agree with the high metabolic rate answer. I have just been this way for the past three years when I started losing a lot
of weight. Weird thing is I emit so much body heat but I’m always freezing

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i do because im a hot blooded italian!

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I’m a heater log too. My daughter can’t stand me even patting her arm or hugging me. @psychocandy was it a thyroid problem then?

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Thyroid issues is probable. In my teens, 20s and 30s I was super thin and was a walking heater. Today I’m heavy and going thru menopause. I have a diagnosed thyroid problem and I sweat and get beet red with the slighted effort and I’m super sensitive to the room temp. I get really hot easily. It sucks because I can’t loose weight either. In my teens I couldnt gain weight.

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I am like this. Always, ALWAYS, super cold, but my partners have said at times that I was radiating heat enough to sizzle skin (an exaggeration I am sure…I hope). Last night was one of those nights when I chased them around the bed for their body heat, but they were running from my radiating heat. No one slept well. I wish I had an answer. I would love to be warm, without baking others. It seems almost like all my heat is leaking out.

Also, I don’t know if it is relevant, but I always get super cold after a good meal.

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