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Has anyone received their upgrade to Adobe CS4?

Asked by Bri_L (12201points) October 19th, 2008

What do you think? What have you used?

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If you felt CS3 had your machine coughing sometimes, you WILL experience it falling down on its knees in CS4.

It’s a lot more power hungry, so buy RAM, lots of it. I know it’s a clichĂ© kind of answer, but really.

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Premiere Pro CS4 still doesn’t support export to tape with the Canon XHA1. Final Cut’s done it since the camera was released… seriously, because Adobe just can’t imagine a world where 1080i @ 24f exists, we had to go buy a $2000 imac to edit our movies.

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Especially Flash in my experience so far.

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Ah. I had not had a lick of trouble with that on my machine. But it a good thing to be aware of. I had just bought a new machine to so I may not have been that effected by it.

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I am still hanging on to my final cut suite. I can’t imagine letting go just yet

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Nah, stick with FCP! ;) (=personal opinion)

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I don’t think (again, personal figments of my mind) that Adobe really manages to do the greatest audio-video apps (Premiere, AfterEffects, Sound Booth), compared to Apple’s FCP, Motion + Soundtrack Pro.

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The undisputed primetime apps from Adobe, where no equals exist (in my mind), are InDesign (Quark’s been falling behind for too long), Photoshop and Flash.

Those are the gems. I was going to say Illustrator, as it’s my favorite vector design tool, but there are some alternatives that probably might be on par with it. Dreamweaver doesn’t have anything on me. It’s just a large clunky heap of, well. Fireworks may be great, but it’s too ambiguous (to me), still, what the real benefit of it, compared to just PS/Ai/Flash may be.

All of this VersionCue technology mish mash. Anyone been using it?

Edit: sheesh. I was just going to have a quickie visit to Fluther a couple minutes, and here I am, typing away like this, again…

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I haven’t gotten it yet, but do you think my comp will be worthy enough?

Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16ghz
6GB DDR2 800 RAM
ATI HD 4870 512mb (Slightly overclocked)

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I really really hope we can open CS4 files with CS3

If not, then Adobe is the Biggest Scammer of all time.

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Here is a document I made in CS4 using a new tool (Content-Aware Scale) and saved with Maximum Compatibility turned off. You can check to see if it opens up in CS3. I would but I don’t have CS3 installed anymore.

I have only played with Photoshop so far and find it much faster. It starts up a lot faster and switching between apps is quicker too. With CS3 if I hid Photoshop and did something else it would take Photoshop about 10 seconds for it to be usable again. With CS4 it is pretty much instant. So far I am happy with it.

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Yep, the PSD opens Fine, I am worried about eps files (since CS3 won’t open in CS2)

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sweet feedback so far. I am excited. I pre-ordered and am wondering where my stuff is.

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Apparently CS4 is suppose to harness the video card’s power as well as the CPU, which should help speed everything up.

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When you installed did you leave your old version on or just go for the gusto?

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I just bought CS4 and can’t get it to even install :( The prodcut serial number “doesn’t exist” and customer service has been less than stellar.

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Sorry to hear that. I had no trouble. PC or Mac? Upgrade?

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PC, not an upgrade. Had a company doing my marketing materials who used CS3, went out of business and left me with a disk of my marketing material to figure out how to manipulate on my own! Customer service now says “try again”. This is not a cheap product. I’ve been brave to buy it knowing I now have to learn it – not happy it isn’t a smoother transition out of the box!

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