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Why does my sweat Smell like Chlorine?

Asked by peoplefood (29points) August 16th, 2007

Sometimes while exercising on my Bicycle, I notice my sweat takes on the distinct odor of... Swimming Pool. This has only happened recently, (past month). And its kind of strange, Ive switched to soy milk and Yogurt in my morning cereal, but thats the only dietary change that ive made recently, Am I sick?

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Are you washing any of your workout clothes in bleach? If so, try using less or if your washer has the option for an extra rinse, use that.

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I'm assuming by chlorine, you might also mean ammonia. You either need to eat more carbs or drink more water. Here is a link that might help explain:

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i sweat chlorine… but that’s because I’m a swimmer.

when you swim hard, you sweat, so your pores open and let chlorine in…
the next time you sweat, the chlorine comes out, and you start to reek of chlorine.

but you’re not a swimmer

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Maybe it’s because you had too much salt in your food? Cause the chemical composition of salt is sodium and chlorine.

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I had this problem on and off for years. If your sweat also tastes very salty you may want to have a Cystic Fibrosis test.

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