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Where can I play video games on a HUGE screen?

Asked by hoist2k (99points) August 16th, 2007

I'd like to rent out a theater of some sort and play Mario Party on a HUGE screen. Anyone know any place that does this (ideally in the NYC area).

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i think renting an entire theatre would be really expensive
but you could always rent or buy a projector and then use it in someones basement to get atleast a 100inch display

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try Dave & Buster's in Times Square. Or, I'm sure any number of sports bars can accommodate your needs, they tend to have giant TVs everywhere, and are used to hosting events.

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There are several theater chains that will allow for rental. Depending on the time of day and the seating logistics, you're looking at anywhere between a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand. However, get a bunch of friends together, everyone chip in, sounds like it would be a blast.

As an alternative, may be a helluva lot more affordable to just purchase or rent a promixa. Can find decent deals on ebay for a used machine:;=promima&category0;=

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Some contact info for theaters in NYC:
AMC Loews Village 7 - more info ?
66 3rd Ave, New York, NY
(212) 982-2116

AMC Empire 25 - more info ?
234 W 42nd St, New York, NY
(212) 398-3939

Might behoove you to check out smaller cinemas as well that may be willing to negotiate.

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That sounds like a blast. Good luck.

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Texas…Because everything is bigger in Texas.

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@) Trogdor- Or you can just go to my friends house, he has a 300 inch plasma screen that his dad had custom made for his gameroom. The gameroom has surround sound, speakers in the couches and chairs, coolers for every sitting place, a popcorn machine, and a cotton candy machine also.

P.S. His dad owns an International shipping buisness and his mom is a CEO of some huge international company

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some theaters actually advertise for businesses to have meetings and to use their theater….perhaps you can find out the rates, and maybe split it with like 10 friends or something? You are going to need some long cables for sure though.

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Buy a projection screen and a projector, hook up your video games to that, and there you go.
Fun and easy.

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