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The status bar in Safari keeps becoming visible of it's own accord. Does anyone else get that?

Asked by richardhenry (12641points) October 19th, 2008

I like to keep it hidden; generally, it’s a waste of screen space. (The status bar being the bar at the narrow silver bottom of the window, which you can hide/show under the ‘view’ menu.)

It’s only been happening recently… and I’m using the latest release version of the browser, on Mac OS X Leopard. Does anyone have any answers? Does this happen to you? It’s driving me nuts in the subtlest way possible.

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are you sure you’re not messing with the button combo ? it’s  + / , the same one to show the contact list in adium, i can imagine richy chatting and Cmd Tabbing and all of the sudden pressing it in the wrong place, well, if not, you know where to find the preferences folder, just show that .plist who’s boss ;)

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I hate the status bar! I kept hiding it but some links would open up new windows and it would just be there. If I use the keyboard shortcuts to view an article in Google Reader, it opens a new window with the status bar showing, but if I have it hidden and I click the link to open the article, then it opens a new window without the status bar. This happened to me with a few other web apps too, so I started to just cmd + click all my links to open in new tabs. That got frustrating too so now I just don’t hide the bar anymore lol.

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I think it’s when a new window opens or an error occurs, that might be it. There’s definitely a pattern to it. I don’t fancy taking it out on the .plist file though, as strange as that sounds… It should just work, right?

I think I’ll email Apple with a complaint/bug report. Thanks for the replies!

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I think it is sites that has it in the code to force the status bar.

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@wilhel1812: Only Javascript initialized windows have that level of control, so it can’t be that. Thanks for the reply, though.

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yeah, exactly. if you open a link that initializes the statusbar, won’t the status bar become visible until you remove it. It will also be visible on new windows right?

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The same thing has been happening to me! I don’t know why! It just happened recently.

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I know this is an old thread, but this just started happening to me. What I did that seems like a partial fix is select “Hide Status Bar” from the view menu. This creates a little space at the bottom of the screen where the status bar was. Now drag the right corner of the window down until the window hits the top of the dock (or the bottom of the screen if you have dock hiding on). I tested it for about 10 minutes on the sites that kept giving me a status bar, and got nothing, so perhaps it just sees there is no room.

Even if this trick works as well as it seems to, it is not a complete fix. It seems like a fairly new bug, because I’ve used Safari for years without the status bar, and it just now started behaving this way.

It may seem silly to fuss about 16 or so pixels at the bottom of the screen, but with a 13” widescreen, as well as the dock taking up space, every line of text counts!

Hope that works for you.

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