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What's in a picture?

Asked by wundayatta (58738points) October 19th, 2008

There have been at least a couple questions asking people to show pictures of themselves. I’m wondering what people get out of it? I know I’m curious about people, but I also know I’ll never meet any of these people in real life. The online world, for me anyway, is a fantasy world, and fantasy, I think, is best left in one’s imagination. Too much information limits you.

However, I’ve noticed what I think is a noteworthy trend in those who do put up pictures. Those who put pictures up are mostly young. The women all seem to be very good looking. I’m not going to venture an opinion about the men. Men don’t generally look good to me.

What do you get out of pictures? Why do you want to know what people look like?

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To Know Thy Enemy.

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Some people like to have a “face” to go with the name. Probably the reason it’s mostly younger users has to do with the advent of MySpace, FaceBook and the like. They are much more comfortable about posting pictures online. We old-timers, not so much.

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It’s unfair to say that you know that you will never meet any of these people in “real life.” I once thought that too and ran in to a husband and wife 1500 miles away from me in random conversation and until we put two and two together we had no idea that we spoke online in debate and questions often.
I myself love pictures and I think that they tell a lot about a person. The way they hold themselves, the lines on their hands and faces, their clothes, the direction they look, the background. Photo’s capture more about a person than most think.

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daloon, great question! i was mulling over how to ask one like this, and you beat me to it!

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The young hang mirrors, the old hang paintings.

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I’ll take that as a compliment, even with the afro.

I don’t know.. I definitely don’t have to see other people’s pictures, but as augustlan said, sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name or persona. I can see that as a basic human desire, to see who it is you’re talking to.

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When people post pictures that they’ve chosen to show how they look, the picture then says a lot about how they want the world to see them. That’s more interesting to me than their actual physical appearance.

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I agree with Harp

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Also, like a name, a picture can be a useful file folder for our brain. A label that’s easy to refer to when we come across something related to a person.

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The worth of one thousand words.

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I loved getting to see everyone for the first time on this thread from iwamoto.

It was fun, and I hope we do it again. Really cool to put a face to the personality.

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I agree with Judo. It’s not just about what the person looks like (for me, anyway), but multiple reasons. Where they were, who they were with, what expression they’re making, etc. Pictures just tell you so much more than simply what someone looks like, most of the time.

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Your image, Dreamer, tells me that you like to use the spray can in a Paint program : )

Love the clouds

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Yes, yes I do. :) Everyone is so into PaintShopPro, or Photoshop… I just like plain ol’ Paint. Creating images that way is much more enjoyable for me.

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I see your point : )

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Oh, cool! :) I very much enjoy going one dot at a time in Paint, too. I have some pretty interesting things I’ve started doing it that way. Thanks for the link. :)

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