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Want to see something mindblowing?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) October 20th, 2008 from iPhone

not for the faint of heart and not for the innocent soul. also, you may never look at movies the same again. you’ve been warned.

1. Get a copy of Lethal Weapon (the movie).

2. Parse the scene immediately following the scene with the two of them
at the firing range.

3. Check the year that the movie was made.

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Ok, Kev. You’ve got my mind revving and I have no opportunity to check out Lethal Weapon anytime soon. Care to share what is so mind blowing? Thanks!

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* mind-blowing *

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Aaarrggh! The suspense is gonna kill me all day long.

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what do you mean “parse”?

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I have to assume he meant “pause”

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so how would you do this to find out the year it was made

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well learned a new word.(parse)

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Lethal Weapon was filmed in ’86 and released in ’87.

kevbo is suggesting that we view that particular scene and visually parse out the details to determine some mind-blowing detail that would seem to put a lie to the purported production dates.

And I’m frustrated that searches for anachronisms, and goofs, and easter eggs in association with Lethal Weapon and firing range are turning up zilch. and are of no help either. :-\

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Seriously, people. Use your brains. The directions are simple.

Also, I wasn’t able to find the clip on the Internet, so I assume you won’t be able to either. Otherwise, I would have posted it.

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Yah, I figured if if it was easily findable on the interwebs, you’d’ve either posted it, or not even brought it up. So this is actually quite intriguing and I better not not be disappointed! ツ

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Damn it man! Why did you do this to me? I’ve probably seen this movie 25 times, and now I’m gonna’ have to watch it again!

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@kevbo: I saw it on my Roku (Netflix on demand). Strange coincidence-especially with the snowman on top of the roof…now I’ll have to check the backgrounds of the E.P.s…

but if they were shooting along a flight path, there was probably a pretty high probablility of that visual occurring. Interesting though!

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WTF is in the scene after the firing range scene? I’m hella confused.

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I would watch, but I’ve determined that the best thing for me (and the world at large) is to boycott all Mel Gibson movies, past, present, or future.

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@shilolo ahhh… you taking a stand against What Women Want as well?

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So when is someone going to let those of us who are curious but without access to a copy of the movie know what kev is talking about?

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I second MacBean’s request. More of a plea, really!

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@shilolo, I think you are more right than you realize. Many other movies (and television) as well.

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did anyone figure this out yet? not a mel gibson fan either, but i really want to learn something earth shattering. oops. i mean mind blowing.

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@PnL: I had forgotten this thread, and you had to go and remind me!
@Kevbo: For the love of God…tell us.

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I hadn’t forgotten, but I’d given up hope of anyone being helpful. Pleeeeeeease, someone?

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If kevbo says it’s okay, I can divulge the deets…otherwise-Netflix people!!!

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I have about 400 movies in my Netflix queue that I want to watch. I’m not wasting my time adding something that I’ve already seen and didn’t particularly care for.

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All right, I conferred with kevbo (thanks for the stimulating convo!), and here’s the scoop:

The very next scene after the shooting range, Riggs and Murtaugh visit a neighborhood mid-day to investigate the drug-smuggling ring, and as they approach a small house of one of the members, the house blows up.

What kevbo was referring to was, the scene was shot by an airport (or at least on a final approach flight path), and in this scene, at the very moment the house blows up, an airplane flies (in the background), and as an optical illusion, appears to fly right over the house at the precise moment it explodes.

What’s even more intriguing is that the airplane appeared to fly right into a snowman that was perched on the top/center of the roof of the house. The image, as played out in the scene, looks as if the airplane flies into the snowman (almost like the tower on the Twin Towers), and the house blows up as a result.

Although it is kind of a stretch from a narrative standpoint, IMO the imagery is quite a freaky coincidence.

The visual optical illusion appears to ‘depict’ an airplane flying into a building/tower. In the details of the Q, kevbo was also clueing us in that the film, shot in 1986, appears to create a strange foreshadow of the 9/11 disaster in retrospect.

Also (as Kevbo pointed out to me), right after the explosion of the house, the camera cuts to the reaction shot of Riggs and Murtaugh, then the very next shot, the same plane flies “through” (behind) a “no parking” street sign that has posted times of “from 9am to 11am”, and then the very next shot is the reaction of the kids in the scene (who were playing in the background) who are chanting “Wow, that was cool! Do it again! Do it again!” as if Riggs and Murtaugh had planned/staged it for their entertainment…

It is a bit Twilight Zone-ish I must admit…conspiracy-worthy? Doubtful…but nevertheless does make for very interesting movie trivia…I have managed to interject it into some dinner conversations, and it has gotten quite a bit of mileage!

I do agree with kevbo, you do have to see it to believe it-it’s pretty uncanny!

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Thanks for relieving us of our curiosity sndfreq!

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Thanks for allowing me to get this out of my head!

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