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With Acorn all over the news, why haven't we heard about this?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) October 20th, 2008

Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times, detailing voter registration fraud by Republican contractors. Why hasn’t this been in the national news?

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Voter registration fraud in not a big deal. Voter fraud is the problem. Problems with ACORN is with voter registration only.

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Oh, good Lord, it has been all over the news. And it’s incredibly blown out of proportion and misleading. As DandyDear said, the allegations are in regard to voter registration fraud, not voter fraud.

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@syz – good article!

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On a parallel note, in at least one county in West Virginia, the voting machines are defaulting to GOP.

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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s last name is spelled “Osama” on some 300 absentee ballots mailed out this week to voters in Rensselaer County hilltowns (New York). from newspaper Times Union…

So how does someone confuse the “B’ key with the “S” key? How do three proof readers miss that error? And the printer too?

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As a resident of Rensselaer County, I take offense at being labeled from a “hill town”. We’re not all flat like the midwest, I grant you. But “hilltown” sounds to me pejorative. We’re right next to the state capital, for crying out loud!! :-P

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MrItty – that is what the Times Union printed – not me!

BTW – I am new to the capital region – I didn’t realize being called a hilltown was pejorative… I think of it as being descriptive. After having lived in the rural areas in the mid-west for several years, I think the hilltowns are wonderful and beautiful. I didn’t realize how much I missed the hills and trees until I moved back east! I am still in awe, after a year of being back, seeing the view and beauty. I can’t get my fill of it…

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I had to give you Lurve for using pejorative in a sentence, Dandy! :-)

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Oy. Stupid Times Union. :-P

It may not be pejorative. It may just be me. :-) For some reason, “hilltown” sounds a lot like “redneck” to me.

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Dandy, welcome to the region, btw. :-)

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@Alfreda – did I use the word correctly?? LOL!

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@MrItty – Thanks! Friends??!

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Absolutely. :)

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@MrItty, what an odd choice of words for the paper to use… according to the county site, the whole county lies within two cities, 14 towns and 6 villages (which lie within the 14 towns.) If you’re not in Troy or Rensselaer cities, you can only be in one of the 14 towns.

@Dandy, absolutely correct. We have “SAT Word of the Day” at work and I will add “pejorative” to the list this week. I am a big fan of precision in language.

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@alfreda—- I’m horrified by the article you posted from WV. I am so scared about what might happen this election, it’s really awful that we even have to worry about that!

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Alfreda, thanks for that. I honestly hadn’t ever stopped to consider how many cities/towns/villages the county has. FWIW, I am right on the border of the city of Troy and the town of Brunswick.

btw, I used ‘pejorative’ first… :-P

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I gave you some Lurve, too, MrItty. Living in Kentucky, I completely appreciate your sensitivity. :-)

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Because republicans never get involved in the unscrupulous, illegal activities that the anti-American, socialist liberals do.When McCain was a supporter of and supported by ACORN, everyone knows that association was a good one.

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Re ‘hilltown’, words are only what you let them be. Living in San Francisco, we love our hills. The most sought after homes are up the hill where you get the best views and the least diesal fumes

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As an early voter in West Virginia, I’m glad I live in Berkeley County!

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