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Looking for a good paraben free/ natural oil free moisturizer?

Asked by 906nicole (1points) October 20th, 2008

I am trying to switch over to completely all natural products. I have combination oily skin with some acne. I love moisturizers with cucumber and green tea in them because they seem to work well on my skin. (I can’t do products like Clinique’s Acne line because I am in my late 20s and those are too harsh and dry out my skin.) I want to find a moisturizer that will work well for my skin. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

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Try Origins. Available online only and kinda $$, but I love them. Most are 100% organic. The moisterizer has green tea, I beleive and is wonderful! I use their make up base, creams and body powder and eye cream. have not been disappointed with anything I got from them. Love, love , love the make up base. Not heavy and covers perfectly.

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I recommend going to a natural food store like Whole Foods or your local store and speaking with the person at the beauty counter. If your budget is smaller, I recommend Earth Science. All of their products are paraben free. If you want to spend a little more, try Weleda. If you have a bigger budget, go with Dr. Haushka. I don’t think you would want Clinique anyway because they use parabens. Usually the stores have samples of the nicer products you can try for a week. You might also like Burt’s Bees products.

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@deaddolly I’ve seen Origins in the stores (this assuming that the Origins we have in the UK is the same company as the Origins in the US and, I know that is a big assumption)

also, I hate to mention this but – 2 new users and a website link to exactly what the question was asking for? I smell canned luncheon meat

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@lightlyseared Humm…not sure where it’s made (country). It was developed by a doctor tho. I wish we had it in stores here.
It’s difficult to find the correct color for make up base…I lucked out tho. it’s freaking perfect. And I am a total make up whore (for lack of a better term). Think I’ve tried/used every brand out there.

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@deaddolly I like the term make up whore. I’m a shaving products whore(well rent boy I suppose).

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Why the anti-paraben philosophy?

Unless you are having a custom made product (ie while you wait), store it in the refrigerator, use only sterile utensils to remove product from container and never let anyone touch it, all products will have preservatives, some more irritating than parabens.

Grapefruit extract is NOT a preservative in the quantities found in OTC products.

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parabens are linked to cancer, that’s why!

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@emilyrose: “parabens are linked to cancer, that’s why!”

I’m always convinced by science, but not popular opinion. There have been no causal links between cancer and parabens.

The first, non-partisan, site I could find is this excerpt here:

“Breast cancer

One scientific study reports that parabens were found in samples of breast tumors.[11] The validity of this study’s conclusions have been debated in the scientific literature.[12] Nevertheless, this study has fueled the belief that parabens in underarm deodorants or other cosmetics migrated into the breast tissue and contributed to the development of the tumors. However, no causal link with cancer has ever been proven and so far there is no scientific evidence to support any link with any form of cancer. A recent review of the available data[13] has concluded “it is biologically implausible that parabens could increase the risk of any estrogen-mediated endpoint, including effects on the male reproductive tract or breast cancer” and that “that worst-case daily exposure to parabens would present substantially less risk relative to exposure to naturally occurring endocrine active chemicals (EACs) in the diet such as the phytoestrogen daidzein.”[14] In addition, the American Cancer Society has concluded that there is no good scientific evidence to support a claim that use of cosmetics such as antiperspirants increase an individual’s risk of developing breast cancer.[15]”

which is an article on parabens: HERE

While I don’t use parabens in my own products for a bunch of other reasons, I always use science. The parabens, being one of the oldest preservatives in use, have been studied more than any other preservative. Unless you are buying products that are pure oily material (not emulsions) they will all have preservatives, and if there are no preservatives listed, then they are mislabeled (US and Canada anyway)

If you can direct me to a real, scientific studies that show a causul link between parabens and cancer, I’d certainly like to see them. (Knowledge is good, but I still wouldn’t use them in my own products)

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Better safe than sorry. Why not use a safer alternative? Isn’t the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Aren’t parabens banned in Europe? They are always ahead of the US. Look at all the stuff coming out about plastics. It’s only a matter of time before something definitive comes out about parabens. I’d rather be ahead of the curve than behind…...............

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@emilyrose: I like science because it explains things. I also like facts, and here they are:

One of the three parabens is banned in Europe for use as a FOOD ADDITIVE and the ban has nothing to do with cancer.

Here is an excerpt:

“In September the European Food Safety Authority concluded that a group ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) of 0–10 mg/kg body weight per day could now be established for methyl and ethyl parabens and their sodium salts, but not propyl paraben due to recent research that questioned its impact on sperm production in rats.

As a result the Commission proposed this week to ban paraben (E216) and its sodium salt (E217) from the market, but rules stay the same for the other parabens.”

from this site HERE

As I said above, parabens, being the oldest, have been the most studied. Which preservatives do you know to be safer? If you say none, I hope you aren’t using any non-preserved products, especially around your eyes. The damage that can cause is pretty horrendous as well.

As for “stuff…about plastics”, I assume you are referring to bisphenol A. Studies HAVE shown that there may exist a CAUSAL link between bisphenol A and damage to infants/children. Damage potential includes brain damage sufficent to diminish learning capacity. The key difference is CAUSAL.

In response to this information, CANADA has banned the sale of polycarbonate in baby and infant products, and many stores have voluntarily removed all polycarbonate containers. This would be the safe thing to do, but it is not based on rumour.

Feel free to make any decisions you like, but you should know the facts and avoid perpetuating false information. If you read all the lists about what is bad for you, you won’t have much left to choose from.

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If you are living in Singapore or Hong Kong, you can try Baan Bodycare. Their products does not contain parabens, SLS and chemical preservatives. Best thing is it is very affordable

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