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Where can I get a discontinued MAC lipstick?

Asked by sfgal (280points) August 16th, 2007

I have a lipstick color that I love...apparently they discontinued it in May 2005. I called Estee Lauder (MAC's parent company) and they will still make discontinued items available via phone order for 2 years after they stop selling in stores--but I"ve missed the deadline! Is there any other way to find it? the lipstick color is called "smoove," by MAC.

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I've bee searching, and found online stores that did carry it, but they all say that it's no longer available. No one on eBay has it... I'm afraid you're out of luck unless you happen upon it at some out-of-the-way drug store or flea market.

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There's actually a site for this! You can have the exact color reproduced.

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That is absolutely the worst when it happens! Figbash has some great advice!

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Hmm, the company that does the custom color doesn’t do nail polish. I love XTC from MAC :(

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u can get it at Naimies. Check their website.

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