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How do I fix my boots?

Asked by somebodiesandnobodies (37points) October 21st, 2008

I have a beautiful pair of Born boots that I wore to death last winter. The uppers are still the glossy, rich brown they were when I got them, but the toes are totally scuffed up. I brought them to a shoe repair shop and had them polished, but after a few months the scuffs were back. Is there a way to get them re-dyed? Is there anything I can do to get them back to their original color or do I need to just keep polishing them regularly? Thanks!

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LOL boobs.

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Sounds pretty normal to me.

Rubbing shoe wax into the leather after every four or five wears will mean you have to polish less regularly, but you should expect to have to give them a good clean up with some brown shoe polish every few months.

@Mangus: Unfortunately, I read the title as “boobs” too. I wonder if that says something about us.

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@rh Um, yeah, I think it does say something. I read booTs. I couldn’t even figure out what you two were talking about at first!

You might also want to try finding the same pair of boots online or a similar pair of Born boots. Try calling Their customer service is great. They helped me to find a shoe that had the same laste as the pair I liked…i.e. not identical, but same fit.

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leather dye?

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Because we’re men, Richard, men.

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does that mean i’m a man too? ;-)

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Er…or maybe it says something about _me_that I just read plain ol’ boots…..hmmmm

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that you pay more attention to what words actually say? I mean, I didn’t click on the thread thinking I was going to read about ta tas, but I did do a double-take.

(sorry i don’t know anything about boots, somebodies. :( i feel bad posting on your thread, but not being able to help out!)

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@jholler: Shouldn’t be necessary if you keep a good seal on the leather. It weakens the material and can cause it to fray if you use it too regularly.

Keep up with the occasional brown polishing and more regular waxing and you’ll be fine. Waxing takes a minute or two at most.

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