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If my parents have parental controls set up on my mac with leopard...

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) October 21st, 2008

can they view the websites i go to even if I reset Safari?

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Get Google Chrome. It has a built in “Porn Mode” that doesn’t save any history or cookies.

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Or you could click “Private Browsing” on Safari. The same as Google Chromes. Wont save your history or downloads.

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Yup… the files are still created… if they are deleted on safari, they still already have been copied to the parent controls… as far as I know.
I’m sure Apple is smarter than that.

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Safari > Private Browsing

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I’m sure downloading Firefox might prevent this ;)

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If you are behind a router it keeps logs that could easily be checked by your parents. Using a different browser won’t help with that.

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But wouldn’t resetting safari be different?

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Are they using parental controls to specify a list of applications you can launch? If so, you won’t be able to download and run an alternative browser.

In addition, even if you have Private Browsing turned on in Safari, the information is still written to the parental controls log if parental controls are turned on. (It will just prevent anyone using your account to see what you’ve been doing.)

So if they are:
– Stopping you from using anything but the applications they’ve chosen
– Keeping a log of the websites you visit under parental controls

There is not much you can do, I’m afraid.

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Oh, and no, resetting Safari does nothing to the parental controls log.

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And to johnpowell‘s point, resetting Safari also has no effect on the router’s logs.

Oh, and if your network administrators are really serious, they could be using OpenDNS that could be config’d to add yet another of logging unaffected by browser type/activity.

About the only thing I can think of would be to find a proxy that offers https service (usually, they’re not free, I think). In that way, while your network administrators could see that you went to a proxy site, they’d have no idea where you went from there. And https keeps the entire session encrypted & off disk. Of course, OpenDNS offers the ability to block proxy sites, if config’d that way.

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Are we sure we want to give this flutherer information on how to get around his parent’s monitoring what he does on the internet?

Your profile doesn’t say your age specifically (that I could find), but I am going on the assumption that there is a reason your parents want to know the sites you visit. I know I keep track of what my kids do online.

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He’s 13, I think.

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Haha. He probably looks at porn all day. Just kidding.

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As a paranoid parent, I’m with SuperMouse.

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I’m an advocate of “watch your children when they are online!!!” so by telling this individual how to do something like this is only proving that his parents should be watching him closer.
Unless they are already, in which case, their doing it right. They are letting him learn the very hard way that if you try to outsmart your parents, they will always win in the end.

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Well, we do have eyes in the back of our heads.

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I’d like to extend a warm welcome to sleuth’s parents. If they do have parental controls turned on and go through the log regularly, it’s only a matter of time before they read this.


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Seriously though, all we’ve done is basically confirmed that with parental controls turned on and configured well, he has no choice but to behave himself. Sorry buddy.

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Hey Slueth’s parents: Once you sign up, how about some lurve for having your back?!

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wow your parents are pretty high tech

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The best parental control is signing up for Fluther and see what your kid’s asking ;-)

Of course, what you could do is install some auto-clicker to add noise to the log (i.e. visits so many websites that they can’t discern the porn websites you’re visiting – unless they have striking names, of course, that could be retrieved by a quick search for, say, “porn”. Then again, you could prevent that by visiting it through a mirror, though then yet again they might search for page titles as well).

Sorry conerning parents ;-)

Also, obviously, this idea just sprang to my head without me ever having tried it myself.

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hey isnt here a way i can clear my logs list???
i have my parent cuntrols pass word
can some one tell me how i can reset or clear my system prefrences logs list please
i really need your guyses help

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Response moderated
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Yes they most likely can even if you use incognito mode with chrome. The parental controls my parents used on me and still use on my siblings, called learn then play, records everything you do on the PC and there is no way around it. It doesn’t use the history in the browsers it records everything itself including what programs you run, what websites you go to, your passwords, what you type into instant messengers/ what others say to you, and pretty much anything else you could think of. If they have that on your PC you should try not to do anything wrong on it :p

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