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Is there any way to find studs in a wall without a studfinder?

Asked by Lawwren (9points) August 16th, 2007
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Turn down the lights and shine a flashlight across the wall from the side (my home inspector showed me this). Side-lit, you can see the drywall seam and nails - under that will be a stud.

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From a corner measure 18 to 24 inches, tap on the drywall lightly, you will go from a "live" sound (hollow) to a "dead" thonk(stud).

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standard framing is 16" on center, measure from a corner

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Use an electric shaver...turn it on and put the head of it against the wall (like you're shaving the wall. You will notice a significant difference between the hollow sound of the 'non-stud' areas and the dull sound of the studs.

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that's a great answer k2

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using a finishing nail some times works to find the stud itself…However there are some that are relatively inexpensive to purchase and eliminates guesswork.

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I just think studfinders are amusing.

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Electric outlets are attached to studs. Knock on the wall just to the right of the outlet and the left of it. You’ll be able to hear which side sounds hollow and which sound flat. The flat side, that’s where the stud is. Every other stud is 16” from there.

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knock on the wall it should be hollow when you get to the spot that doesnt sound hollow you have found a stud its a very manual way but it works

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