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Are Canadian online drugstores reliable?

Asked by sonatina11 (8points) October 21st, 2008

I have just been prescribed an outrageously expensive drug. I have never used an online drugstore, let alone one in Canada. Does anyone have any experiences good or bad that they could share?

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I wouldn’t trust a foreign website for medication, that could seriously bite you in the ass, one of my friends tried it for an HIV med and it ended up being a sugar pill. If people are willing to toy with someone’s life that badly, I can imagine they’d do it on something less serious. However, you never know, and by the sound of your post its probably a serious medication if it’s very expensive. Is there any chance your doctor knows of another cheaper medicine? Could you get a second opinion? There are sometimes incentives to prescribing certain meds, I would do a search for “MEDICATION NAME alternatives” or something similar in google and see if anything you find might apply to you. If that doesn’t work, explain your financial circumstances to your doctor, the friend I mentioned earlier ended up getting some trial packages of supplemental meds because his doctor understood he couldn’t afford it any other way.

That’s all I got, remember you’re taking a serious risk with foreign pharmaceutical websites because it is near impossible to verify them. It’s your personal choice.

That being said, I wish you the best and hope you can find an option that works for you.

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I live in Canada, and checked some on-line pharmacies out just for curiousity. None of them were linked to any known land based businesses and many seemed to be on-line arms of non-Canadian companies.

Based on that and everything I’ve heard about on-line pharmacies in general, I wouldn’t take a gamble.

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I have used them for almost five years with much success. It was recommended by my husband’s physician. The medications are cheaper. You need to have a prescription that you can fax to them to begin with, but other than that – it is timely and we have never had problem.

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Sounds like @autumn43 struck oil.
The drugs are definitely cheaper in Canada because the federal government sets maximum prices on drugs and provinces take bids (when drugs are off-patent) to find the lowest cost provider.

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I have been dealing on line with one called and have always been happy with them. I would never in a million years ever get pharmacuticals from Mexico. I wouldn’t trust the web site OR the drugs.

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