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What is the best or cleverest way to open a beer bottle?

Asked by radonron (4points) August 16th, 2007 from iPhone

non-screw off types

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Paper was cool. Along the same lines, you can save about 2 minutes and just use a lighter.

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I have always been a fan of my trucks lock keeper in the door jamb

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I realize the parameters of this question, but there's a meritable exception. There's a video online somewhere of a young woman in a bikini opening a twist off with her boob.

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I've seen a guy who can pop em off with his teeth.

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I vote for the girl who does it with her boob

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I learned a new trick recently. If theres a counter with a sharp edge, put the lip on the edge, and then hit the neck of the bottle hard. It works every time…and causes it to spew get ready to chug!

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The countertop method kills your countertops though… :(

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perchik: i have too. and i was just going to say “with yo teef, son” haha. thats what the guy i know who can do this says.

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Bulbatron9 pops tops with his wedding ring. He has opened many a Heineken for me with it.

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you know what im gonna say


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Umm.. no, I don’t know what you’re going to say…

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I don’t either :p

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From the top, usually. ;-)
And I prefer using my lighter to a “real” opener.

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Seatbelt buckle.

Blunt edge of Chefs knife.

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