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Do cooked fresh jalapeno peppers cause bad breath?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) October 22nd, 2008

I am making a bunch of lunches (individual casseroles) in advance for my husband and I want to add jalapeños to them to spice them up. My husband thinks they will give him bad breath but I don’t think they will. What do you think??

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Not that I know of or have experienced. Are you sure your husband is not using that as a way to say he would not care to have them? It should, in the end, be his call since he has to eat the lunches.

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No – he likes the peppers but bad breath is a big concern of his. Hard to be the boss if you are knocking people over with your breath!

I did put them in… Funny thing… As you may have guessed I have not cooked jalapeño peppers much in my life. I was removing the innards of them at the sink. I coughed a few times and then had a HUGE sneezing fit… I almost blew our new roof off! I was better after a few minutes.

Ok then… Thanks for your input!

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Tell him to floss his damned teeth!

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