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What is your favorite kind of cake?

Asked by SoapChef (2978points) October 22nd, 2008

Are you chocolate, vanilla or something else? Filling? If so what kind? Do you like fancy french classics or old fashioned American standards? Lots of layers or one layer?

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Carrot cake: homemade, not too sweet, lots of nuts and raisins, cream cheese frosting.

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Most types of Cheese Cake.

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Spice cake with cream cheese icing.
Really anything with cream cheese on it is delicious.

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chocolate, of course. Is there any other kind? Best is the cake at Macaroni Grill.

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Bacardi rum cake, or lemon cake from Silver Palate cookbook

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Dark chocolate bundt cake with dark & milk chocolate chips.

< < drools.

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My grandmother’s recipe for chocolate cake with cocoa frosting.

She’s gone now but my aunt still makes it from time to time.

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Warm chocolate cake, with chocolate icing. Carrot cake is also superb.

I hate fruit cake with a passion.

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Whatever…as long as it has butter cream frosting it’s okay by me. I’ve been loving red velvet cake lately. I also like raspberry or strawberry filling in my cake. Mmmm…cake.

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Whatever comprises Costco’s white cream filled layer cake.

Consider it the crack and me, the crack addict.

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A cupcake..perfect amount of frosting in every bite.

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Brown Derby

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*wink wink

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anything from here. they have the biggest assortment of cakes ive ever see, and its right across the street from school. a la mode for $1.50 extra. its so hard choosing which desert you want, and the staff are always bored and ask you what you want right when you walk in, so you dont have time to choose.

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Back in the 70s, food marketers perpetrated a ghastly sin on the American people. They began saying that cakes had to be moist. They began making and selling pudding in cake mixes.

This abomination destroyed the cake mix as we used to know it. Add to that high fructose corn syrup and that destroyed frosting as we knew it.

My favorite cake, which can now only be made at home, is a real yellow cake with milk chocolate buttercream frosting.

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pudding == bad ?!?!

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@robmandu It ruined the texture of the cake making it heavy and dense, which is a different creature altogether.

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Spice cake

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Saint Honore cake from an authentic Itallian bakery.

For the uninitated-it’s three layers of an ultra-light cake sprinkled with rum and frosted and filled with pastry cream (chocolate flavored or plain) The sides are crusted with chopped hazelnuts and the cake is surrounded and topped with tiny caramel dipped cream puffs (again chocolate and plain). The final touch is the semi-sweet chocolate shavings’

It is wonderfully rich but very light so you’re satisfied without feeling full. And it’s beautiful

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Pineapple upside-down cake. I never see this anymore : (

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Lemon cake with lemon icing, or lemon cake with funfetti icing. Or lemon and funfetti icing… Mmm… Lemon icing is good.

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The free kind.

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I’ll make you a cake Chuckie. I’ll leave it on your doorstep.

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plain cheese.

or my own funfetti recipe. which differs greatly from the store version. but is way awesomer.

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Mystery Cak… oh. Allie beat me to it. :(

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@Mtl Zack Your link makes me homesick. It’s been awhile since I’ve been back to Montreal.

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The cake I never got at the end of Portal.

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@Malakai: It’s so delicious and moist!

Also, I like goopy chocolate cakes like flourless chocolate or lava cakes and carrot cake the best.

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Basque Cake

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Allie: A lemon upside down cake. Simmer lemon slices in a light syrup until you can cut them with a fork, lay them in the pan. The cake is extra-lemony made with juice and lemon zest-UMMM-puckery-sweet

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Moist chocolate cake with vanilla icing. And I’d like a piece now, please. With ice cream, if possible. Raspberry filling would be nice, or strawberry.
Actually, I’ll eat anything…

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@malakai the cake is a lie

just kidding, here ya go buddy ^_^

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Chocolate and raspberry anything OMG

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Very frothy white sponge cake, one layer, with a thin layer of fudge frosting.
Has to be made at home.

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Then there’s my other favorite type of cake: link

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Hah! Thats funny cpr! Your wife sounds like fun.
Hey everyone, great answers. I love reading them, thanks. Looks like there are a lot of carrot cake fans out there.

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I think devil foods cake is the shit

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I agree with AC- free is my favorite flavor. Otherwise- that crumbly coffee cake is my fave.

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yum, I love coffee cake with cinnamon and streusel and pecans.

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Anybody like Red Velvet?

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I don’t like a cake’s texture. Instead I make brownie cakes. One layer of brownies, then icing (choc or white or pretty much anytype even peanut butter) and then another layer of brownies on top. Although portion control is a must with this cake!

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cheese cake with strawberries fresh omg devine.

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Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Yummmmmmm

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