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Why do the Tampa Bay Rays have an enclosed dome stadium?

Asked by berginger (1points) October 22nd, 2008
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Because it’s no fun playing in the rain and humidity, and it rains often in Tampa (45 inches on average spread out typically over 106 days per year). Also, there is a very high concentration of lightning strikes that Tampa Bay receives every year during the hot and wet summer months.

Having a roof is less hassle than dealing with rain cancellations. Or players being struck by lightning. When we first moved to Houston (another hot, wet place) an entire high school football team was hit by lightning when they were in a huddle.

Besides, as Bear08 says, if Tampa can afford it, why not?

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Why not? Anyone who has ever played a sport, be it baseball, football, or soccer knows that it is way more fun to be outside rather than inside. I, for one, hate domed stadiums.

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It’s Florida. It rains during the summer. Almost every day, for a couple hours.

Everyone who’s ever played baseball knows it’s way more fun to actually play than get rained out every day.

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Actually, when they first built the Astrodome, it was so big that a small cloud would form up near the top of the dome and it would rain inside, too!

Later on they were able to adjust the AC so it didn’t happen any more, which was drier but not as much fun.

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