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Best earbuds for iPhone?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) October 22nd, 2008

My dog chewed up my iPhone earbuds so I need to get a new pair. I had the original earbuds that came with my iPhone. Any suggestions?

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I just bought some called ‘marshmellows’ and I really like them. The ones that came with the iPhone really sucked.

Do you know, can you listen to music and play on your iPhone at the same time? Didn’t know if that would be a strain on the battery or something.

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I just use my Sony earbuds that only cost me about $40. Also have an adapter w/mic I picked up at Target for about $7 or $8. And I keep both away from my cats. My wife’s headphones fell victim to one of our furry little angels.

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I use the Bang & Olufsen ones with the somewhat odd looking metal frame. Quite pricey at $160 but the sound is PHENOMENAL!

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I have V-Moda Vibe Duo in-ear headphones for iphone, and love them. They are super comfortable and you can play/pause/skip music and answer/hang up calls with the button on the in-line microphone. Mine broke after a few months and the company replaced them for free no problem,

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Does anybody have any that are better quality than the ones in box, and still have the clicky remote feature? + microphone?

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see my post directly above yours.

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cool thanks ezraglenn!

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