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How many Beanie Babies Did You Have?

Asked by tonedef (3930points) October 23rd, 2008

What were your favorites? Did you rush out and buy a Princess Diana bear? Were you “bankrupt by beanies?”

My family pooled our beanies, and we had about 20, I guess. My favorite was Inch, the inchworm. It is no surprise, then, that I grew up to be super gay.

I thought of this because, at a local library benefit book sale, I picked up this little gem. Can’t wait to watch it.

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Between my two kids, I would say they had about 40+. And when Happy Meals at McDonald’s came with a mini beanie I drove around to different Mickey D’s to get the different ones. Crazy! One year I went crazy looking for one i think was called “The End” because my daughter asked Santa for it. And then it wasn’t the end after all!

Most of them are in the attic now. I have a couple that I use to decorate for different holidays. I wish I had all the $$ I spent on them instead.

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We have a plastic tub full of them in the attic. I’d say there’s 200 of the little beasts up there. I never had a fave.

I did the Mickey D thing too, Autumn!

And I waited in line all night once….for a Furby.

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Wondering what super powers come with being super gay…

My 3 children must have 50 or more beanies. They were never treated as “investment collectibles” by us. They were played with and loved, just like any other stuffed animal.

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@augustlan, thank god. I’m forever damaged by the crazed look in my mother’s eyes as she commanded that we use tag protectors and not sleep with the beanie babies, lest be damage the “mint” tags.

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One! My mother gave it to me.She thought it looked like a dog I used to have.I don’t even know it’s name. They flooded the market with these as collectibles and now you can’t even give them away.

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More than I care to admit! My ex sold them with the rest of my stuff. Even the gay inchworm…

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I had over a hundred (still have most of them in the attic). My aunt didn’t have any children, and she bought them for me and my cousin (obviously also her neice). It was very sweet.

I give them to my own younger cousins now. They weren’t even alive during the craze!! (it doesn’t seem that long ago to me)

and I give them to my friends too. We all started calling my friend Cary ‘ladybug’ for some reason, and for christmas, i threw in the ladybug one with her present. my other friend loves cats but he travels too much to have one right now, i gave him this white kitty one out of the blue one day.

i really enjoy them. maybe one day, i’ll be able to give them all away!

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Thanks for your answers, everybody. Memory lane is always a nicer walk when you’re taking it with others. Lurve all around!

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