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Are there any good & affordable treadmills for home?

Asked by rawpixels (2658points) October 23rd, 2008

I’d love to buy a quality treadmill for my apartment, which isn’t too huge and also affordable. Can anyone recommend anything?

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I have the cheapest and smallest one from Vision Fitness. I have used it every other day for 5 years and had it repaired once. It is for walking rather than running, but can be raised off the level. Read-out is mph. time, calories, distance. Pretty straight-forward. Don’t get the foldable one unless you are really pressed for space. My model, now outdated, is T9100; T9200.

I paid $1000 + tax, delivery and a mat to protect floor; now it is priced at $1300; worth every penny.

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look at craigslist and ebay too

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Bad to buy a piece of serious exercise equipment without being able to try it out. Therefore I would stay away from eBay. Craigslist makes sense if you can try before you buy.

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