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Will a RAM upgrade screw up my parallels?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) October 23rd, 2008

Just got a new macbook pro (made the switch!) and am installing parallels. My concern is this. I have more RAM on back-order and am going to install it next week. I’ve never used parallels before and know it’s buggy. Will replacing (and doubling) my RAM cause it problems or can I just re-allocate and be on my merry way?

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If anything, it will make parallels run smoother! More RAM is never a bad thing, as long as your OS supports it.

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I know it’ll be good in the long run, but will it make my parallels freak out when I boot it up after the upgrade?

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You will be fine. It won’t make anything go wacky.

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Yep, you’ll be fine.

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Weird thing is that parallels will only allow you to set 568MB for the OS emu. So it really doesn’t help Parallels so much as it does the rest of your Mac. Well…it should anyhow.

I just finally upgraded my Macbook Pro from 1.5 to a full 2GB (I have a CoreDuo, not the Core2) since memory prices are LOW LOW LOW right now to let the Leo side of the Mac do it’s thing better when Parallels is running. It hasn’t really made much of a diff for me.

But, more memory is generally never a bad thing!

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Pretty sure parallels detects your system settings each time on startup. Otherwise the program wouldn’t be very structurally sound.

Just make sure after you do the upgrade, go into your virtual PC settings and set the RAM allocation to what you want.

@maccmann parallels only allows a maximum of 568MB? That’s quite strange. I’m a VMware user, and it allows you to set whatever RAM allocation you like, so long as both mac and windows meet a certain memory minimum (128MB from memory off the top of my head).

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