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Why do street lights go out when I walk or drive by them all the time?

Asked by Lee (13points) October 23rd, 2008
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this happens fairly often to me too. What’s the deal?

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It happens to me too and I don’t think it is sensors, etc. After I mention it to friends, they notice it happening when they are with me only, and not by themselves or with other people.

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@chyna, same here. Great question!

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That has never happened to me.

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I’ve heard about this before and it used to happen to me when I was a lot younger. The only somewhat scientific explanation is that it’s a possibility that – somehow – the electrical currents in your brain interfere with those of street lights. Not just street lights, but other appliances too, like lamps, phones, credit card machines, etc. Because the lights and our own brains generate electricity it doesn’t seem like too much of a crazy idea.

The theory is that, usually, people who are under a lot of stress and who already possibly have stronger “currents”, are able to effect the lights.

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@DrasticDreamer: That seems ridiculous, first of all, we have comparatively very little electricity. And currents have to touch somewhere for there to be a reaction of any kind between the two as far as I know.

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I have noticed this too. I also have a weird thing with watches. As long as I wear my watch every day, the battery will last indefinitely – years and years. As soon as I stop wearing it for a few days, it dies. What’s up with that?

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@Augustlan: Are you sure?

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Yeah, I’m sure. I actually haven’t worn a watch in about 15 years…back when I did wear one, and it died, I always had to replace the battery. If I bought one today, though, I’d go for the auto wind!

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@Aug: I think you’re incredibly unlucky then.


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I know. : (

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Sheesh!! Hasn’t anyone seen that one episode of Fringe where the guy they were tracking down could control electronics unknowingly?

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I did see that…with the awful elevator crash, right? Hmmm, perhaps someone has performed evil experiments on us all!

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@augustlan: It’s not one of those movement powered watches, is it? Stupid question, but that is very weird if not.

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@asmonet: I agree. It is a stupid idea, but it’s one of the only ones out there.

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@RH: Nope…already had that discussion with asmonet, above.

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“Just like me…
They long to be…”
oh. wrong thread. sorry.

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I put this answer on this question when it was posted today and someone pointed it here so I’ll put my answer here too.

My sister and my daughters do that too. I call it their “magnetic personalities” They also kill watch batteries. They thought they were crazy until my sister told a doctor about it and he pulled a book off the shelf and showed her a name for it. She just forgot what it was called.

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