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Where do all of those early voting ballots get stored?

Asked by lelabeem (67points) October 23rd, 2008

I was thinking about how weird it is that so many ballots are just hanging around for a few weeks. Where are they being held? Who has the key to the box where they lie? It seems like fraud waiting to happen, but I’m still optimistic!

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They are processed by your local registra’s office. I worked for the registra’s office one year counting mailed in votes.

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How do they get processed?

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Or they go to the local RNC office where ballots are examined for irregularity and destroyed before the votes are counted.

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They are processed by hand. (at least that is how it was done when/where I did it).

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yeah, jvgr….that’s what they do, all right. (eyes rolling)

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in Texas they vote on computers

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We vote on computers and with paper ballot print outs. I’m sure they aggregate the votes on the computer and check it against the number of votes they are supposed to have. If a card goes missing (the votes are stored on these little cards), then they would have to count the paper ballots by hand. Which would suck.

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I just went to training (yesterday) for working at the polls on the 4th. They are stored in sealed tamper proof containers until they are counted.

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